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  1. MrBiz


    Hi guys, combofix file version is detected as trojan by malwarebytes latest update as seen here (also flagged by 7 other companies) https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/7eb33176971f48e73c91a76665cef35f74486ff282bd7bfd2a747589269fa157/analysis/1413705161/ SHA256: 7eb33176971f48e73c91a76665cef35f74486ff282bd7bfd2a747589269fa157 i downloaded this combofix from bleepingcomputer attached the file below password: virus ComboFix.7z
  2. Source: https://forum.eset.com/topic/2590-security-incident-on-forumesetcom/
  3. Saw this on malwaretips Sad, i expected a ddos attack and not for it to be hacked, let hope all gets well soon since this is my main antivirus company
  4. hi i left malware bytes pro running in realtime as usual (and t does schedule scan for time to time), now today i went to bed to find the program off and its shows its scanning but when i go to scan menu its not (it said scan failed) The question i have is why it terminated? zemana doesnt block it, avast doesnt, comodo hasnt take a look at this all protection enabled but i still get the "fix" message and when i click it it does nothing I'm gonna do a clean reinstall, just worried i cant leave a realtime protection software on and not have to worry about it also i'm sure i also told you about svchost and high ram and cpu usage but its related to windows update see: attached a roguekiller log (Yes, if anthing suspicous happens i run it to see if it can find or terminate anything) RKreport0_S_05272014_032720.txt
  5. MrBiz


    Ok thanks guys
  6. MrBiz


    Hi i know this isn't the place to talk about malware but wanted to post this for you and avast guys since i use your products Got these in spam, i was wondering if i should open these email in sandboxie and see if malwarebytes detects anything or should stuff like these only be tried in a Virtual Machine? also that 74636363636.jpg i wonder if its a ransomeware, my pc is set to show all extensions so i was wondering if that setting only applies to files on my desktop or does the setting extend to the internet?
  7. could not edit my original post so i had to post it here
  8. Hey, i saw on the old malwarebytes you had a password setting to protect the settings and stuff, ok for a little back story, i used it but the problem was it only asked to be enter once and i did and wrote down the password, only to realize that when i entered it once a program called keyscrambler was bugged out and was encrypting my key strokes at the time, so i entered a bunch of gibberish and cant change the setting so the only way to go around that was either uninstall and reinstall or update (which i did) so i suggest have a password confirmation system (where you enter it twice to confirm, like how google and other service let you set password)
  9. Finally jumped the ship an had a successful install and everything is back to normal why i say normal is that i set a password for the settings menu and forgot it in the old version (because keyscrambler bugged out and was encrypting my keystroke) but now everything is accessible edit: about the password setting lock, can you have an option that you have to enter the password 2 times? enter the password and then verify it again a second time, that way if something was buggy i would have to enter it twice and since it needs the password to be matching i would see that something is wrong and i'm loving the new look and advanced setting and the backup adverts are ok with me because a pc is only as good as its last backup about the functionality: it still uses high RAM (170mb when scanning) and cpu (up to 60% when scanning) all this on: - Intel e3300 celeron processor - Windows 7 32 bit - 3GB ram
  10. https://helpdesk.malwarebytes.org/entries/21195891-Why-does-Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware-block-BitTorrent-or-other-Peer-to-Peer-Clients-
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHU3ujyw_sQ Looks interesting, from my limited knowledge he shows how hackers can use rogue servers to intercept information on big corps and how to prevent it I'm sure the security guys here understand it, if any of you see it can you tell me if its a prevalent method you see used today?
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