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  1. I'm a Noob as you see so I am unable to edit my post. I meant mbam. You'd think after all these years I'd finally learn to type!
  2. Hello, I've been working on,fixing and whatnot with computers since 1999 and I have never ran into this type of difficulty. I've never had any formal training but for the most part I have always been able to resolve all issues I have ever encountered with any system. My friend was having some issues with their computer and I offered to take a look at it. Of course their AV was out of date and not even turned on and then there were a variety of other issues. I've gotten all the viruses or most but I am have a huge problem removing C:\Windows\svchost.exe Trojan.Agent. Malwarebytes easily finds this problem and tries to isolate it but every time after a restart i get a pop up from MBan saying C:\Windows\svchost.exe Trojan.Agent is causing problems. I've isolated it in task manager under svchost 32* winrscmde. Any suggestions? I'd love to be able to give my friend back their computer and have it running at 100%. Thank you... Denmar1998
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