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  1. It might help if I gave the site... monicanevi.com
  2. Hi, A friend's website is blocked "Due to Reputation" (This website is suspected of being compromised or hosting a potential privacy or security threat.) I'm wondering what's the process to review that website, fix issues if necessary and remove the block? It's a WordPress site hosted at GoDaddy Thanks
  3. In the last month roughly Malwarebytes is slowing Windows PCs, and I'd like to know why and what is being done to address the issue. I run an IT services business and MBAM is on dozens of client PCs at my recommendation. Lately, clients are calling me and the PC is at a crawl. They can't open Sage or QuickBooks or a document in less than 5 minutes. I uninstall MBAM and the problem disappears immediately. It's happened on around half a dozen PCs already. It may not directly be Malwarebytes' fault, it may be a Windows Update that's breaking something, but it is Malwarebytes' problem to identify
  4. I know that the plural of anecdote is not evidence, but this exact issue has been plaguing me for months. I manage a few hundred client pcs and recently, some have been reporting very slow performance, not just DNS but also general program use. As soon as I remove MBAM- boom- like new again. I haven't personally experienced that, but I have experienced the abysmal DNS performance issues.
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