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  1. Hello everyone! I have a family members computer that is having some major issues. I have been helping via remote access on team viewer for the last 7 hrs, which has to be through safe mode to actually do anything. Initially i noticed browser redirects and some ad ware search bars.. like 4 or 5 total. Strange thing is that some stayed listed in the programs and features menu in control panel.. I also got the "windows installer is missing" a couple times. She had norton internet security which i disabled and put on AVG pro and malwarebytes free. I also ran avg tuneup 2011 and cleaned up the registry and start up items. The avg scan found 0 threats and malwarebytes found 3 browser ad-ware installations. I am now running a scan with spybot - search and destroy to see if that will pick up anything. attached is the dds.txt and the attach.txt as usual and I also attached a hijack this log. I did all these scans in safe mode because of internet access issues when booted normally. Is there anything I can do at this point? I am willing to do what it takes to get this off, but re installing the OS is not in the realm of possibilities at this point mainly because shes in another state location wise and is unfamilar with installing, or much about any technical aspects of computing. If someone could possibly give some advice on what could be done It would be greatly appreciated Thanks for your time ~~Judson~~ dds.txt attach.txt hijack this log.txt
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