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  1. Thanks everyone for your help! I solved it by rebooting my PC as you said (I was rendering some stuff so it hasn`t been turned off for 3 days ) but I got my files back Thanks again!
  2. Hey everyone, I`m new to Malwarebytes and I got a little problem... I did a full scan on my computer and now Malwarebytes has quarantined a lot of things. There were some programs I didn`t trust and I deleted them, but there were also some of my own things in that list. I just deleted everything I didn`t know from the list and now I got a list of quarantined items which I want back, but I got this weird problem: When I click "Restore" or "Restore all" it comes up with the question "are you sure?" (or something similar to that) and then I click Yes, but it just doesn`t do anything. I clicked that button a few times, pressed Yes and the message disappears and nothing happens. It doesn`t freeze or anything, it just acts like I never pressed the button. The list is still full with my items and I would like to have those back I didn`t try reinstalling Malwarebytes yet, because I`m afraid it`ll delete the quarantined items when I uninstall it. Thanks to anyone who can help me And I`m sorry for my English, I`m Dutch.
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