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  1. I've been a paid user of Malwarebytes for many years. Around 2004 I did a ton of research on Windows infections. Javascript on web pages was shown to be a huge percentage of the infection vectors. And considering that I scan email-attached documents with VirusTotal before I open them in a Sandboxie instance, javascript appeared to be the pretty much the only way I'd ever get infected. So I installed NoScript in Firefox and I've been using it to severely limit javascript for the last decade. I've never been infected, that I know of, and I scan often with Eset and MWB. Over the years, though, more and more sites don't work without javascript. In the last year it has gotten to be a big problem. I'm starting to move all my browsing into Firefox in Sandboxie, so I can run javascript, but this is a terrible solution because everything (bookmarks, etc.) get dumped at the end of the session. So I'm looking into the javascript question again. I'd love some feedback. 1. is javascript still a huge hole in security, or has it somehow become 'safe' to allow web pages to run javascript? A quick scan of the Malwarebytes forum shows a lot of javascript malware. 2. Does anyone have an opinion of Sandboxie, or should I just give up, and run a Linux VM for my browsing? 3. If I don't allow javascript in my browser, is there any way to get infected by just browsing?
  2. I know this thread is old, but it's still relevent, and it popped up in Google, so others might need it or find it, too. I was getting horrible video playback after upgrading from Vista to Win7. It happened a little in Youtube at 1080p, but it was most noticeable in Netflix. Videos looked almost like a slideshow, and the audio was super studdery and choppy. In fact, the mouse cursor movement was even choppy. Task Manager didn't show high CPU usage though ... ? So I spent 4 or 5 hours trying all kinds of things. I thought it was the video card, the video card driver, the video codec, hardware acceleration, Silverlight, Windows 7, Aero theme, multiple monitors. I just arrived at my answer -- I turn off Malwarebytes and the video plays perfectly. It's a pretty beefy computer with an i7 CPU, 12 Gigs Ram, 2 nVidia 9600 video cards, but Netflix was pretty unwatchable. Now it's perfect with MB off. Is there a way to exclude Youtube/Netflix/Silverlight/videos from MB? I don't want to turn MB off, but I want to watch videos.
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