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  1. I tried to upload a zip file with all the MBAM contents but it said it was too big. It can only do 29 MBs
  2. The reason I did not do as you said is because I am not good with pcs. However, when open exploit and chromes & shows exploit is running and it shields Chrome. So I am happy with that. Although the selection for tulip is checked no tulip appears but that's OK. I am still going to follow your directions to see if i can do it. Thank for your help.
  3. I have version of Exploit and am only reporting that it indicates it works for Edge but not for Chrome. I am running Windows 10 pro and read the material you referred me to but this seems not to belong to any of the readings. Is Exploit supposed to be running with Chrome and if so is there any indication as in Edge?
  4. When opening Edge I get a popup that exploit is running but not so when I open Chrome. Nothing visibly happens with Chrome. Did I download the wrong Exploit? I have version 1.10.124 on my Windows 10 pro 64 byte.
  5. Hello When I boot up, MBAM says to restart as the program has not yet opened. Instead of restarting I just click on the icon and it then works. Is this the way it is supposed to be or is there an issue? Thanks
  6. Hello I have read the posts in the forum and none help me. I had exploit working well until I performed a system restore and now it installs and I can see it but it does not open nor does it appear in the lower right corner as it use to. I uninstalled it and rebooted as it was not under program files after deletion. I then downloaded via the MG link. Do I need a distributable package? I am updated. I run Win 10 x 64 and have MBAM. Do you have some advice? TY Peter
  7. Hello While I appreciate the use of Exploit, is there a way to remove the icon from the systray or task bar? Every a..m. I have to right click it and remove it. I have no icons there as they are a distraction. Thank you Peter
  8. hello I tried this producer but it takes about 3 minutes to pen and scans a very long time, The scan is also erratic. I id the obvious by uninstalling clearing cached etc and reinstalling but it still is not secure or operable. The desktop i fine. What else can i do - I really son't want to install a beta version. TY Peter
  9. Hello How do you right click a file to run a scan. I think it is called context menu but am not sure. I read the directions but had trouble with them. TY
  10. When I see a detection that concerns me I try to follow the process to have the results looked over to be sure I am not infected. As I said if you are over loaded please disregard but if you have a moment maybe you can give my scan results a quick look. Thank you Peter
  11. Good to hear and thank you for your support.
  12. Yes, I understand encrypting and the root kit selection are 2 different topics or threads. Your information has been very helpful and thank you for it. Peter
  13. That is a good thing if removing encryption is not a big endeavor. One can run MBAM with root kits enabled and encryption off, then enable encryption , if that is how it goes. All I know about encryption is you need the recovery partition, I think. Anyway my pcs have root kit ticked regardless of speed and I have 6 GB ram, 3.30 GHz speed, so I should be ok.
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