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  1. Thanks so much for the clear and understandable answer.
  2. I'm curious about what this is.....after Windows 10 update today, this popped up. Any comments would be appreciated. A scan showed no threats detected.
  3. Everything is good again this morning.....the Irritating Pop Up hasn't shown in fifteen minutes. Thanks Vlad. .
  4. This appears to be the same thing that was reported in March of 2017. AlexSmith, Administrator, pushed an Update to fix it them.
  6. Whew . . . it's been a few years since I've had to do this kind of thing, it takes me longer every time . What else do you need ? mb-check-results.zip
  7. It has been popping up without being logged into Facebook.. . it has popped up when I'm using xfinity email , Google Chrome and various Tabs. I have rebooted it, but it continues.
  8. I have Malwarebytes Premium I've been getting this "Website Blocked" popup off and on since yesterday. It seems to occur most on Facebook. Any thoughts on handling it ?
  9. Curious Question.....the last two laptops I purchased from Best Buy came with WEBROOT available to install free for 6 months. My newest is a Surface Pro. I have Malwarebytes on my PC and HP Laptop. I am happy with Malwarebytes (I think) . . .but was looking for anyone's opinion of WEBROOT....which appears to be just "another" Internet Security/Antivirus software. This is what it says which appears to be for a period of 6 months.
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