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  1. Sure, Telliege, will do. I checked both SSD tools, Intel says feature optimized. Samsung allows me to disable it directly. I will follow up after.
  2. Thanks, Telliege! I've been using this combo (Webroot AV and MBAM) for years since Q6600. IIRC, it happened around the time upgrading to Windows 10 or later. To be honest, I am relieved that removing MBAM solved the mystery I can't resolve with driver update, checking for optimization, etc. Never thought MBAM was the culprit although I would prefer to have it running. I will try to disable Superfetch evaluate the impact and reinstall MBAM later when I have more free time.
  3. Hi, Telliege, Thanks for your help. To answer your question, I am not using McAfee. I am using Webroot AV. I am not sure when this issue started, though.
  4. Hi, Porthos, Thanks for your help. I realized that there is a new patch today that fixed the ram leaked issue. However, before today, I experienced issues with my computer slowing down such that it's slower than a Q6600 from 10+ years ago with a lot less RAM. Uninstall MBAM allows my computer to function properly. It just proved that MBAM taxed my machine heavily. I have an i7, 32 GB ram and SSD. I could not imagine what MBAM does to less powerful computers. This issue, unfortunately, was reported previously and apparently still exists. Hopefully MBAM will address the performance issue and I am looking forward to install MBAM again.
  5. I have a i7 with 32 GB ram running Windows 10 latest. Recently, accessing files on my SSD has been extremely SLOW, it's slower than a mechanical hard drive. My browsing has been slow. When multi-tasking, my computer mysteriously slows down. Generally, everything slow down to last gen machine. My Q6600 felt much faster than my i7. I play with numerous settings, update driver software, replacing hardware components, nothing helps. Today, thanks to MBAM kills my machine by eating all my RAM, I decided to remove it until they fix it. The side effect is that my machine is now back alive with performance I expected with no other issues what so ever! When I searched the RAM issue, I realized that MBAM has been slowing down computers in the past and I would not have thought about it without today's RAM issue. Hopefully MBAM will have a newer patch than today's to fix not only the RAM leak issue but also performance issue. Looking forward to install MBAM again.
  6. Today, Saturday, Jan 27, 2018, when I want to use my computer to look up over the web, my computer froze. I realized later it was MBAM that use up memory, kill the computer and my video card. Reboot helps, but MBAM immediately eats up all the available memory again. I have 32 GB installed running on a i7 chip. Luckily, I have a smartphone allows me to search and Google immediately shows me that people discovered the issue more than 16 hours ago. MBAM pinned a message in the forum I can't wait for them to fix to use my computer again. So I uninstall MBAM. BAM!! Of course it fixed the problem, my computer feels fresh again - running much faster than with MBAM. I am extremely surprised that my i7 chip with 32 GB is not enough to run MBAM. MBAM made EVERYTHING slow on my system, accessing the file system via File Explorer, running Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Opera all slows down extremely over time. The search made me realized that this "has" been an issue with MBAM in the past. I have been using MBAM premium for years but didn't realize that MBAM is the problem. I am glad MBAM kills itself to alert me to uninstall it and brings back my system performance I missed in the past. At least I am relief that the issue is caused by a single software rather than other issues I thought I was experienced but no solution was able to fix it until today.
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