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  1. Hello, I can also confirm that Malwarebytes update, component version 10.0.1096 does fix network browsing in recent versions of Windows 10! I've been tearing my hair out for the last few days trying to get network neighborhood to work on my LAN computers. I should have suspected that Malwarebytes was the culprit as it had also broken IPv6 pings for the last few months - until they fixed that recently. However, I failed to make the association until reading about this update. For anybody who is running a recent version of Windows 10 who's network neighborhood is still not working
  2. Hello, Thanks for fixing the IPv6 ping issue! I have installed the beta with component package version 1.0.1070 on a test computer and it does fix the problem Can you please let us know when the fix is incorporated in a non-beta, released version? I have other computers with MBAM and I'd rather not install a beta version on them. Thanks very much
  3. Hello exile 360, You seem to be suggesting that an IPv6 ICMP ping packet somehow needs to be a part of Malwarebytes Web protection and that Microsoft might have something to do with the problem. I can successfully do IPv6 pings from Microsoft programs. It’s only when Malwarebytes Web protection interferes with IPv6 ICMP packets (and not IPv4 packets) that the problem arises. Can you tell me how someone might be infected with malware via IPv6 ping packets requiring them to be blocked?
  4. As exile360 said, wait for the developers to respond that they have fixed the IPv6 ping issue. However, since this problem has been known for some time, I’m guessing that it is WAY down on their list of things to do. Get ready to wait for a much longer time! As a many year loyal user, I’m very disappointed in how this was not fixed a long time ago. I’ll soon be shopping for a replacement.
  5. I just got the new version of MB. I was hoping that here was Malwarebyte's chance the fix the problem of IPv6 pings being blocked by the Web Protection feature. Unfortunately, the problem is STILL NOT FIXED! Very annoying! I am a dual stacked user on Comcast and every now and then Comcast decides to change my IPv6 prefix. So, every few days, I'll ping a web site that uses IPv6 to make sure all is well. But, before I do that I have to also temporarily disable Web Protection. This is an OLD issue. Malwarebytes has known about the problem since January of this year - there is a long thre
  6. Hello, I'm running MBAM Premium, version, update package 1.0.21200, component package update 1.0.854. When Web Protection is turned on IPv6 pings still do not work. If I turn off Web Protection, IPv6 pings work as expected. Note, MBAM Web Protection is only blocking IPv6 pings. IPv4 pings work ok. In addition, other IPv6 traffic does not appear to be affected. I can connect to sites on the Internet that use IPv6 ok and the Xfinity Speed Test, which from my network defaults to testing via IPv6, works too. This isn't a new issue. The first post about this problem appeared on t
  7. Another thanks for fixing this so quickly from a registered Malwarebytes Pro user. I installed EMET 4.0 on the day it was released and got the same warnings about the same registry items. I let Malwarebytes quarantine them but also suspected false positives from the EMET 4.0 install. As noted, this never happened with earlier versions of EMET (including 4.0 beta). I'll now restore the items from quarantene and hopefully all will be ok.
  8. Hello, How do you plan to let people beta testing MBAR know when you update the program? I believe the program will let you know when newer definitions are available, but what about updates to the program itself? Thanks much!
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