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  1. Hi, I would like to report this IP-address as a false positive, This IP-address is now being used by a CS:GO Gameserver and I did just spend about 1 hour troubleshooting why my ping to this IP-address showed replies from I had disabled the web blocking notifications so it never warned me Would it be possible for you to whitelist this IP-address in your database of malicious websites/IP-addresses? Best regards, Flaxe
  2. Thank you, Malwarebytes Staff! It went extremely fast to get this fixed, didn't expect that Thanks again.
  3. I've attached a zip with only the two files from 4PL-Insight that is detected as virus. 4PL-Insight virus files.zip I did also attach the five temp files that have been created by the program. Note that these temp files only get created when a BF3 Match is started, so if you're not playing in 4PL League yourself you won't be able to create any .tmp files, but all of them should be kinda the same anyway I guess... temp files.zip Also scan logs of the install directory and appdata\local is attached. logs.zip If you want to install the whole 4PL-Insight program yourself, you can download it from
  4. Sorry for spamming... but note that the name of the .tmp file is new every time.. but I guess you understood that already.
  5. Didn't find a way to edit my post, but I thought of adding this. The .tmp file is here: C:\Users\**My Accountname*\AppData\Local\Temp\gkk549C.tmp and the "virus" is: VirTool.Vbcrypt
  6. Hi. I'm a competetive Battlefield 3 player and there's a German league called 4pl that got an own developed Anti-Cheat program called 4PL-Insight. I don't know exactly how this program works, but I'm pretty sure it could be seen as some kind of virus by Malwarebytes. I've whitelisted the program itself, but everytime 4PL-Insight starts a BF3 Match, it creates some .tmp files, so everytime I'm going to play a match with 4PL I have to disable Malwarebytes to avoid all these warnings or I have to ignore the .tmp files all time. Is it possible for you to whitelist this application and the .tmp fil
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