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  1. Is it just me or what. But I just cant workout when I can practically do a full scan. I dont know to be honest what the time for a full scan in hours would be as I always have to abort it. the last one had reached 5 hours plus but already we are into the third day since I started the scan; I mean I have to pause it because I need to work as well and it is to impacting on system performance for soething that is going to be running for hours. Granted the pause offers some respite and granted the quick scan seems to have dealt with my latest nasty: Trojan-ransome. But have I missed something? Is there someway to run a full scan with it automatically running as a background process, allowing CPU priority to go elsewhere by default and restricting memmory use? To be honest which or if both of those resources are being laboured I havn't checked. I dont care either I just want to be able to work. As things stand it just doesnt seem feasible to do a full scan.
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