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  1. While I disagree with your decision to not offer a more expensive lifetime license, thank you for showing me to MBAE Experimental and I look forward to helping you develop this software. I understand that a lifetime license can be a loss in money over time, you have to admit though that your pricing for the lifetime license for MBAM was the problem itself, not the fact that it was lifetime. I bought several of my MBAM licenses for $10 a piece. That is ridiculous. When your customer feels like they just robbed you, then your pricing is messed up. FYI that is how I felt. However, I did spread the word to friends who are less tech savvy than I. I believe if you offered a more reasonable price, $40-60 for 1 lifetime license to 1 computer that you would grab another part of the market like myself who does not subscribe to your subscription based model.
  2. Do you think I don't know that. So many smart ass responses from people in these forums. I'm simply letting my wants known to a company that provides a service that I want a service they provide another way. If they choose not to provide it, so be it. I, the consumer go elsewhere. You would think your PR would be a little better than this. Good day.
  3. Just wanted to stop by and say that I miss the lifetime subscription option. It''d be great if you provided the option at least for the consumer to either go with a lifetime (with a higher price obviously) or subscription. I am not a fan of the subscription model and therefore will avoid it like the plague. I look forward to buying this product when such an option is available.
  4. I'm having the same problem. Windows 8.1 Seems like they had a deadline and never told us.
  5. Basically, is it possible to have Malwarebytes not update while the CPU or GPU is past a certain percentage.
  6. I was playing a few online games today and I had a few seconds of lag (latency) issues and I knew from the moment it happened that something was downloading in the background. I have the real time update enabled and checking every 5 minutes. I have seen some other programs before have a way to not scan while CPU usage is above a certain percentage. Since video games obviously require CPU and GPU to play, is it possible to add in a way to have Malwarebytes not update if the usage on either one or separately is above a certain percentage? Hope you guys like this idea because it would be great for me.
  7. I have been using your product for a while now and while I like how well it performs and gets the job done. Are we going to see an update soon that would make it more colorful and appealing? If not that's okay. Thanks
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