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  1. I have been getting these "Google Detects Unusuall Traffic for your Network" messages on my computer. Other comptuers on our home network have also been getting these messages. I am not sure why I am getting these message but I have the paid version of Avast and I scanned all of our computers. It found a few infected files in the Temp Files folders but we still get these messages about once a week. At first I thought it could be our network was hacked, but I use a plugin called SEOQuake and read that can cause these Google messages. I disabled and uninstalled it this morning. Could this really be the issue? It would make sense as the plugin pulls info automatically and obviously much quicker from Google and other sources then what you would be able to do yourself. I just want to make sure our comptuers are not comprosied. Any advice or help would be appreciated.
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