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  1. My interpertation of the opening post is that this thread is about "Other Forums" not about this one.
  2. Could also be a power hungry moderator....
  3. It runs fine. I was just technicaly curious. I know where I can get a 250gb Hard Drive for $20.00 When I bought this it had 516mb of RAM and "No Hard Drive"
  4. Will a bigger hard drive help my computer run faster? I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 with 4gb Ram and an 80gb hard drive. I am using less than 50% of my hard drive. Is there any benefit in upgrading to a bigger hard drive?
  5. PS My spies tell me that you need a minimum of 50 posts before you can edit your posts on this forum.
  6. Quote =I'm just wondering why do people close topics on other forums? I didn't know there were other forums
  7. Woo Hoo Another 4 posts and I will be able to edit my speeling meestakes
  8. Thank You. It is probably best not to proceed unless it is very easy. I was actualy asking on behalf of someone else. Three times within the last two weeks someone has changed there eBay and facebook passwords. They live alone , no one else uses the computer and they insist they are picking passwords that no one should be able to guess. I don't think they are very computer savy though so it is probably better if they take the computer into a repair technician rather than do it themselves. If it is an easy removal tool to use though by all means post a link. But if it is complicated they are probably better off taking it into a repair shop. But thank you for responding.
  9. What is the ultimate best program to use to scan for and remove keystroke loggers? Thanks
  10. Thank You Now that I have an actual address and telephone number for them I have signed up online. I will be saving about $50 per month on my basic telephone and internet as well as between $150 and $200 per month in long distance charges. I was just dubious of signing up with a company that would have an incorrect telephone number on their home page. I have to wonder how many potential customers they have lost because of this.
  11. Thank You. Did they explain why there home page contained a dud number ?
  12. I tried to switch my telephone and internet to "Primus Canada" yesterday http://www.primustel.ca/en/residential/off...ll/index-b.html On their home page you see a telephone number at the bottom left of the screen that says. Order by phone 1-866-704-4269 Well when I call that number I do not know if it is even "Primus" I am connected to because I get a message that requires me to enter a password before proceeding any further. What sort of Telephone Company would put a Telephone Number on their home page for the order desk that does not connect to the order desk???? Yes there is an option to order online but I don't think I want to deal with a telephone company that doesn't know there own telephone number.
  13. When you go to a site that gives you a drop down menu giving you a list of years of birth and it goes back to 1900 or something I am always tempted to use the contact button and tell them I was born in 1899 why am I being descriminated against
  14. It just occured to me that the reason they wanted my address and telephone number etc. was because I was using a credit card to pay for services.
  15. On facebook I use my real name but I know lot's of people who don't. Big business wants to keep track of you that is why airmiles and points cards and customer loyalty cards exist.
  16. I stand corrected they don't ask for my address. This is a screen capture of the info they want. http://i592.photobucket.com/albums/tt2/eba...stuff/yahoo.jpg I guess I will relent and give them my gmail address.
  17. exile360 maybe you get special treatment because you are a famous internet guru
  18. I see homeless people using the computers in my Library to keep in touch with family. They wouldn't be able to get eMail addresses if every company had the same policy as Yahoo. I like gmail because they don't ask for your address or telephone number or any other stuff that isn't necessary. Yahoo seems to want your whole life story
  19. <B>"Just a little confused coz you said you already had an account but are also signing up. "</B> I have had my account since 2006 I don't see where I said I was signing up? It isn't realy a problem for me it just sounds kind of silly. If and when they do lock me out I will give them my work eMail address. I realize I could always get another address to satisfy them but I look at it this way. I know several people including my sister who don't have internet service they only use public computers. If every eMail service required an alternate eMail address then those people would never be able to get an eMail address.
  20. If I was to go to "Burger King" and order a shake and fries they would not require me to go across the street to "McDonalds" and get a shake and fries there also.
  21. It is something they have instigated recently. I don't know if it is a requirement of signing up or not because I have had my account since 2006 but I assume it would now be a requirement to sign up. They want an address for password reset purposes. I am calling there bluff and NOT registering one. I have a premium Yahoo account I pay for it I also have a Pro Flickr account that I pay for. If they lock me out of services I pay for then I will expect a refund.
  22. Why does Yahoo require me to register an alternate eMail address? I have a Yahoo eMail address but I keep getting messages telling me that I will be unable to log in and use my account unless I attatch a second eMail address to it. What is the logic behind this?
  23. Thank You. I think I will switch to the cheaper option then. It will save me about $50 per month.
  24. I listen to Internet Radio a lot. As well as listening on my computer I also have a Sangean Internet Radio. Will the audio quality or reception be impacted if I switch to a slower internet speed? At present (on a good day) I have a Download Speed of 7Mbs and an upload speed of 1.0Mbs I am thinking of switching to a cheaper internet service with a downspeed of 640 Kbps. Thank You
  25. I just use the firewall that comes with "Norton" I like it because it makes the decisions for me. The first computer I had in 2003 came with "Zone Alarm" and it drove me crazy I kept getting pop ups every few minutes asking me if I wanted to let such and such access port number such and such. I didn't have a clue what any of it meant and I was such a newbie I had the computer for about 4 or 5 months before I found out that I could remove "Zone Alarm" and instal something else if I wanted...
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