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  1. My interpertation of the opening post is that this thread is about "Other Forums" not about this one.
  2. Could also be a power hungry moderator....
  3. It runs fine. I was just technicaly curious. I know where I can get a 250gb Hard Drive for $20.00 When I bought this it had 516mb of RAM and "No Hard Drive"
  4. Will a bigger hard drive help my computer run faster? I have a Dell Optiplex GX520 with 4gb Ram and an 80gb hard drive. I am using less than 50% of my hard drive. Is there any benefit in upgrading to a bigger hard drive?
  5. PS My spies tell me that you need a minimum of 50 posts before you can edit your posts on this forum.
  6. Quote =I'm just wondering why do people close topics on other forums? I didn't know there were other forums
  7. Woo Hoo Another 4 posts and I will be able to edit my speeling meestakes
  8. Thank You. It is probably best not to proceed unless it is very easy. I was actualy asking on behalf of someone else. Three times within the last two weeks someone has changed there eBay and facebook passwords. They live alone , no one else uses the computer and they insist they are picking passwords that no one should be able to guess. I don't think they are very computer savy though so it is probably better if they take the computer into a repair technician rather than do it themselves. If it is an easy removal tool to use though by all means post a link. But if it is complicated they are probably better off taking it into a repair shop. But thank you for responding.
  9. What is the ultimate best program to use to scan for and remove keystroke loggers? Thanks
  10. Thank You Now that I have an actual address and telephone number for them I have signed up online. I will be saving about $50 per month on my basic telephone and internet as well as between $150 and $200 per month in long distance charges. I was just dubious of signing up with a company that would have an incorrect telephone number on their home page. I have to wonder how many potential customers they have lost because of this.
  11. Thank You. Did they explain why there home page contained a dud number ?
  12. I tried to switch my telephone and internet to "Primus Canada" yesterday http://www.primustel.ca/en/residential/off...ll/index-b.html On their home page you see a telephone number at the bottom left of the screen that says. Order by phone 1-866-704-4269 Well when I call that number I do not know if it is even "Primus" I am connected to because I get a message that requires me to enter a password before proceeding any further. What sort of Telephone Company would put a Telephone Number on their home page for the order desk that does not connect to the order desk???? Yes there is an option to order online but I don't think I want to deal with a telephone company that doesn't know there own telephone number.
  13. When you go to a site that gives you a drop down menu giving you a list of years of birth and it goes back to 1900 or something I am always tempted to use the contact button and tell them I was born in 1899 why am I being descriminated against
  14. It just occured to me that the reason they wanted my address and telephone number etc. was because I was using a credit card to pay for services.
  15. On facebook I use my real name but I know lot's of people who don't. Big business wants to keep track of you that is why airmiles and points cards and customer loyalty cards exist.
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