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  1. How much RAM? CPU? As YoKenny1 pointed out, this information is needed to better help you with suggestions rather than shooting in the dark and guessing about your system specs.
  2. You're welcome. Like exile360 and Jacktivity I use CCleaner and always look up any registry entries before doing anything. I never went the route of using a registry cleaner and letting it remove whatever it found, as is advised on some forums - it never felt right to delete what I did not understand.
  3. I can identify with "clean up massive favorites directories" I need a better organized approach.
  4. Problem: "computer came with a pirated version of windows" Key word "pirated"
  5. Two recommended articles to read on registry cleaners: 1- An often posted and quoted article, Ed Bott's Why I don't use registry cleaners 2- older article quoting two MVPS's, but relevant still is Do I need a Registry Cleaner?
  6. @qwerty77 I suggest you look at your privacy settings in zone alarm security suite and configure them to allow friendster. See Zone Alarm User Manual there's a section on Privacy Protection that'll show you how to work with a specific site not loading.
  7. I'm mostly lurking, reading and learning. I appreciate the friendliness and flow of this thread. Also, letting discussions evolve rather than someone jumping in to corral a conversation and cut it off. Nice forum.
  8. MalwareBytes is listed in Lifehacker article - Five Best Malware Removal Tools http://lifehacker.com/5227896/five-best-ma...e-removal-tools
  9. I guess I can't edit my original post - wanted to add I let MBAM delete these - was I in error? Thanks again
  10. Hello, I'm new to MBAM and new to this forum. I scanned with MBAM yesterday and found nothing. Today MBAM found 18 infections and I would like to know what these keys are associated with - what malware? How would I have gotten them? download? Drive-by? Here are the entries: Registry Keys Infected: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{08165ea0-e946-11cf-9c87-00aa005127ed} (Trojan.BHO) -> No action taken. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{7d559c10-9fe9-11d0-93f7-00aa0059ce02} (Trojan.BHO) -> No action taken. HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{7fc0b86e-5fa7-11d1-bc7c-00c04fd929db} (Trojan.BHO) -> No action taken.
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