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  1. Hello Firefox Thanks for your advice. I will make a decision after further reading of the options you gave.
  2. A plea from a very frustrated person. About me. I am computer literate but not too technically qualified. I am keen to learn but sometimes I don't understand all of the technical terms so forgive me. I apoligise. My home computer started to slow down about two weeks ago. I then noticed that Google was redirecting my searches to somewhere other than where I wanted to go. I was told this was the dreaded 'Google Hijack virus'. In the last week I have; * restored my computer to a previous restore point. * ran Mcafee's 'Stinger' and 'Rootkiller' software. *ran Malwarbytes software. Upgraded to Pro version. * tried numerous offerings from Mr Microsoft. What happens now is the computer appears to be working fine, if a little slow. The hard disk light shows a lot of activity. Google will search for individual items but now instead of redirecting to a rogue site it crashes. I then have to shut down Explorer and start again. I am running Windows 7, Inernet explorer 9. All suggestions would be gratefully accepted. I know there is lots of information and possible cures about this problem on this site already but I didn't want to go ahead and implement one without some advice first. Thanks for you comments and time.
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