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  1. Thank you. As soon as I finish scanning with my antivirus I will restart my laptop and follow through with what you said and see if it continues. If it does I will do a clean removal. If the problem continues I'll reply back to this topic and thank you for the advice up till now.
  2. A friend of mine also said I should reinstall. Do you think this might also help the issue? I have a file in quarantine at the moment from over a year ago. Should I delete that file and then reinstall?
  3. Whenever I plan to start a full scan on my laptop I always perform an update. Now today I did my usual routine and during the full scan as I was on chrome the Malwarebytes scan popped up in front of my chrome window. This didn't happen a couple of days ago when I did a full scan either and I couldn't switch the focus to Chrome again, it just stayed in the front of the desktop. I stopped the scan and restarted it and once again the same thing happened, so I don't know if the update messed up the focus or if it's a virus.. I checked to see if I'm able to access my task manager( which I'm abl
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