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  1. Hello fivealive, We have looked at your issue and have not been able to replicate. I hope you don't mind trying a few things for me to see if we can alleviate your issue. Please do the following: If MBAM is installed, do not uninstall it. Ensure the "Enable self-protection module" checkbox in Advanced Settings is unchecked. Download and run the mbam-clean tool: http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_clean Reinstall MBAM http://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download/ Reactivate MBAM with your ID/Key. See if you still have the same issue.
  2. You can try 2 things for now: Attempt to boot into safe mode and restore all the quarantined files to repair windows.Attempt a Windows System Restore.See: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/what-are-system-recovery-options#what-are-system-recovery-options=windows-7This happened due to a False Positive on the database version v2014.07.26.09. If you have the latest database v2014.07.27.02, you should not encounter this error.
  3. Jessica, Just to be sure, did you attempt the net.conf work around from this link posted earlier in the thread? https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/152047-what-to-do-runtime-error-database-stuck-on-20140304-program-stopped/ This is from the linked post:
  4. Thanks for addressing the issue 1PW and Firefox. You two have been a great help to all of us, staff and users alike.
  5. Firefox is absolutely correct. All computers are different (due to hardware, operating systems, and software) and we are doing our best to track each issue that comes up into our bug database. We understand that there are many people seeing an issue with "scheduled updates" and "recover if missed by" so please open a new post, or create a consumer support ticket and we will do our best to help or get the information needed to our development team to fix these issues. We have been doing tests lately with scheduled updates and the recover if missed by option and we are not seeing any issues on a fresh installation of MBAM on our test systems. Please create a support ticket or new post and we will do our best to help you with the issues you are seeing.
  6. Hello! I've been informed of the situation and we've been hoping to get another instance of this happening. Could you please give us a log using mbam-check?Also, if possible could you run Wireshark in the background and save the logs from that as well? (if you are unfamiliar with wireshark, we can convert this to a support ticket and work with you 1-on-1).
  7. Hello everyone, QA Engineer from MBAM here. I understand that you all feel that you are in the dark and I want to reassure you that we are doing are best to keep track of all issues reported (through support tickets, emails, forum posts like this, and our own set of tests in house). If anyone has any issues to report, please send me a message and I will work with you or send you to the right person for the job. As DougCuk pointed out, the process takes time, there are various conflicts that arise, and we have to fix the bugs as well as address new improvements, but rest assured we are doing our best to make MBAM 2.0 the best it can be. To address the concern about MBAM 2.0 being able to still remove malware, we do various testing with live infections as well and you do not have to worry. Please know that we do test against infections that we see commonly online but we mainly concentrate on the latest malware rather than every malware known to man. That is part of the reason we ensure our software is compatible with other Anti-viruses to be a good complement for multi-layered software security. Again, please know that we are doing our best to make MBAM 2.0 the best it can be and please PM myself if you have an issue. Alternatively, you can open a consumer support ticket: http://www.malwarebytes.org/support/consumer/contact/or email us at: support@malwarebytes.org
  8. Anachromat, (and any other user this applies to) We have confirmed that the BSOD reported while running Windows Verifier has been fixed and will be included in the next release. In regards to the BAD_POOL_HEADER issue, we are still looking into that so please stay tuned.
  9. Thanks for attempting that. We will have to put our trust in development to fix it then. I will let you know if there are any updates from our side. Until then, please continue however you would like. Another alternative until the problem is fixed is to go back to temporarily. The UI isn't as fancy, but it gets the job done just the same.
  10. I've replicated the Windows Driver Verifier and have let our Development team know as well as given them all available memory dumps. @anachromat - I have been unable to replicate the BAD_POOL_HEADER BSOD thus far. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind: Aside from what you've mentioned, are there other replication steps or hints you can give us? AFAIK, the steps are to enable malicious website protection on Vista x64 and browse the internet normally and you will get a random BSOD.How long does it take on average for this BSOD to occur?I also noticed that your MWAC.sys file has a different MD5 when comparing it to the MWAC.sys from a fresh installation. I have attached the logs. They have the same version string but a different size and MD5.Because of this, I am suggesting you do another mbam-clean and reinstall on this system (as we already have memory dumps for the other issues so let's see if we can try to find a fix or workaround while development is looking into the dumps.).Please do the following:Download MBAM-Clean: http://downloads.malwarebytes.org/file/mbam_clean Ensure MBAM is still installed. Ensure MBAM self-protection is not enabled. (It can be found under Advanced Settings) Run MBAM-Clean. Reboot (You will be prompted). Run MBAM-Check. Send me the MBAM-Check Log. (or post it here) Reinstall MBAM http://www.malwarebytes.org/mwb-download/Let's go with this for now. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Also, if you would rather not try to find a work around or fix before that to keep you system as it is for when we get a build to specifically address the issue, that is an acceptable option as well. Please let me know what you decide to do. mbam-check-Vista-anachromat.txt mbam-check-Vista-Fresh-Install.txt
  11. anachromat, We appreciate the willingness to work with us! I will alert our development team and will update you when we have more information.
  12. Anachromat, Thank you very much for the full memory dump. I have alerted our development team and we will do our best to research and alleviate the issue. We will post back here or in a PM when we have fixed the issue. You have been a great help!
  13. Hello anachromat, Thank you for your cooperation with us. I will alert the development team and work with them to find a solution to this. Until then, could you also give us the full MEMORY.DMP file that should be generated for the last BSOD your system had? C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMPAlso, thank you Firefox for your assistance!
  14. Fromi, Thank you very much for getting this BSOD again. I will give it to the development team for research.
  15. Fromi, Thank you very much. We have received your minidump file. Do you have the Full Memory dump file? Again, it should be the following file: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMPIf your computer is not setup to create that file, here are some online instructions to configure your computer to create it.
  16. Hello Fromi, Could you also give us the memory dump from your BSOD? It should be located here: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMPI will PM you a link for uploading.
  17. inforcer007, Are you still seeing these BSOD's while playing Final Fantasy XIV? If you are, we would like to get the memory dumps from these crashes. They should be located in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMPC:\Windows\minidumpThe minidumps should be time stamped and MEMORY.DMP should be from the last BSOD you had seen. I will PM you a link for uploading them.
  18. Hello jimb11, Unfortunately it's not fixed in the current released version, MBAM but this is being worked on now and should be fixed in a future release of MBAM.
  19. In addition to John's question (Thank you!) could you also list what version of Webroot you are using? Name and Software Version would be much appreciated.
  20. Yup, I've got access to it. We will notify our developers and see if we can get to the bottom of this. Thank you for the memory dump itzsm00th!
  21. I'll send you instructions for where you can upload the file in a PM itzsm00th.
  22. Hello itzsm00th, Could you please post the memory dump from this BSOD? It should be located here: C:\Windows\MEMORY.dmp Also, could you please run DDS and attach the 2 logs that are generated from it: "DDS.txt" and "Attach.txt" Download DDS from here: dds.scr or here: dds.com and save it to your desktop. Temporarily disable any script blocker if your Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware has it. Once downloaded you can disconnect from the Internet and disable your Anti-Virus temporarily if needed. Then double click dds.scr or dds.com to run the tool. Click the Run button if prompted with an Open File - Security Warning dialog box. A black DOS console should open and run for a moment.
  23. Also, on the blizzard website they have a few solutions for users to follow: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/battlenet-update-agent-troubleshooting
  24. Hello Mallman, agent.exe is the name of the Blizzard's Updating Software that they use for their games. There are also posts on other forums questioning how valid agent.exe is: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8796521285 Most likely this is a false positive detection. Does your Blizzard Updater still run and download the updates for your games despite some IP's being blocked?
  25. Hello trying50, You are correct that doing a full scan will scan the other 3 users. Please keep in mind that it means that mbam will scan all the local files that are saved for that user's profile. In a Windows operating system, all the personal files that are saved for a user will usually end up in a directory like: From here, a user will have their own separate files such as "My Pictures", "My Documents", and anything personally saved on their desktop. Does this answer your question?
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