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  1. The only time you get a block notification is when you navigate to ?
  2. @Acrobaze Thanks for the quick reply! When you visit iptest.malwarebytes.org, do you get a block notification? Do you see it added to your reports section from MBAM's UI? First I want to confirm that you are getting visual confirmation from MBAM that a block is happening.
  3. @TempLost, Thank you for the reply. Please try turning off self-protection, then turn it on again. This should replace mbamchameleon.sys. Then attempt to turn on self-protection early start. If that does not turn on still, that means something is blocking mbam from replacing mbamchameleon.sys.
  4. Acrobaze, Have you tried clearing your browser's cache, or using CTRL+F5 to revisit the test block pages? If the browser has a cache on the website, it's possible you will see a block notification, but the webpage will not be redirected to https://block.malwarebytes.org/
  5. Thanks for the links Super Dave. As dcollins stated here we are still internally testing and looking for a solution.
  6. Hello TempLost, Do you see Web Protection turn off regularly? Are you able to turn self-protection on/off from the protection tab (Not only early start)?
  7. Acroblaze, Can you elaborate more on the issue? You are saying all protection layers are on, but you navigate to one of the test websites listed, and you see a notification stating protection is disabled? Do you see this on your screen? According to the logs you've attached, it shows Web Protection is enabled.
  8. Please keep it enabled. It will protect your Malwarebytes files from being modified or deleted. The Engineering team has identified which file is causing this issue. "AOL Downloads\<subfolder>\comps\vwpt\Vwpt.exe" Until we can fix this, as @dcollins mentioned, please keep your exclusion for the AOL Downloads folder. Thank you so much for your help with us on this issue!
  9. Agreed. Thanks for being patient with us @TOH. We'll keep you informed with our progress.
  10. @TOH, Try these steps for running Procdump. Download the following Procdump.zip file: Procdump.zip Place procdump.zip in C:\ Extract procdump.zip. Check that the extracted files are in the directory "C:\Procdump" Right click "mbamservice_procdump.bat" and select Run as administrator. If you did the steps correctly you will see the following: Run a threat scan with MBAM 3.0. When MBAMSERVICE.exe crashes it should close that command window and generate a memory dump file in "C:\Procdump". Please follow these directions because "mbamserv
  11. For now, can you get me all the files in this folder? C:\PROGRAMDATA\AOL DOWNLOADS\SUD4577\COMPS\TOOLBAR
  12. Could you also attach the AOL files? C:\ProgramData\AOL
  13. Thanks for the quick response! We'll take a look and see what we can find.
  14. Could you enable Event Log Data in Application Settings, remove the exclusions, and run a Threat Scan again? Then attach the MBAMSERVICE.LOG please.
  15. @TOH Could we get your latest MBAMSERVICE.LOG files now that you are seeing the original issue again?
  16. @TOH, Thanks for the logs! I took a look and it looks like MBAM is having trouble loading both the database and your computer's registry hives. I've forwarded the logs to our developers and we will see what else we need to collect from your system. Thank you for being patient with us and very cooperative.
  17. TOH, Thank you for being so responsive. We really want to figure out what happened with your MBAM 3.0 installation. Could you do the following? Reboot the system (if you haven't done so already). Open MBAM and enable Event Log Data under Application Settings. Download the following tool procmon.exe: https://download.sysinternals.com/files/ProcessMonitor.zip Run procmon.exe. Start a threat scan. Let the scan hang (or stop). Stop the capture in procmon. Save the procmon capture. Attach the mbamservice.log and procmon log here.
  18. TOH, Thanks for following up. Did you have any MBAM versions installed previously? What versions were they? Did you uninstall them or install MBAM 3.0 over the previous version? It sounds like your installation of MBAM has issues and before we try to get a work around to fix the issue, I want to know how your installation of MBAM got like this in the first place. Any hints would be appreciated in knowing the past history of what you did regarding installing, uninstalling, or upgrading MBAM.
  19. TOH, Thank you for the logs! We want to see if anything is crashing silently during your scan. Can you please do the following: Run the attached file "SetupLocalAndFullMemoryDump.reg". Run a threat scan to reproduce the issue. After the scan hangs (and maybe wait 10 or so minutes to be sure), check the folder: C:\LocalDumps If something crashed during the scan silently, that folder should be created automatically by Windows and will have a memory dump file. If it exists, please send it our way. SetupLocalAndFullMemoryDump.zip
  20. Hello TOH! We would like you to: Enable Event Log Data under Application Settings. Run a threat scan. See if you reproduce the scan hang. Then please attach the MBAMSERVICE.log and any MBAMSERIVCE.log.bk files that are in the folder: C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs This will give us more detailed logging about what is happening during the scan.
  21. If you use our the installer from Anti-Ransomware, it will remove the files that are causing this issue to happen.
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