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  1. Hello @southcoastie - we want to see if we can get some additional logs from you.  Could you do the following:

     Enable User Mode Crash Dumps

    • Please download enable_crash_dumps.bat using the link below.
    •  https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/eug9gmk7i1xqeugb0xobjlqcsfb4uv1e
    • Open your Downloads folder.
    • Right-click CX41PDv.png enable_crash_dumps.bat and select AVOiBNU.jpg Run as administrator to run the file.
    • Note: If you are prompted by Windows SmartScreen, click More info followed by Run anyway.
    • A black Command Prompt window will appear. Upon completion, press any key to exit.
    • Once done, please reproduce the issue you're experiencing.

    eYuNy3K.png Collect Crash Dump

    • When the installer next crashes, wait at least 1 minute. Press the Windows Key NfsK8XE.png + R on your keyboard at the same time.
    • Copy %localappdata%\CrashDumps and paste into the Run box. Click OK.
    • A folder will open. Inside you should see a DMP file.
    • Right-click the file and click Send to followed by Compressed (Zipped) folder. This will create a ZIP file.
    • Go to WeTransfer.com in your browser. Click Add your files, navigate to %localappdata%\CrashDumps and double-click the ZIP file.
    • Click (...) and select the link radio button under Send as.
    • Click Transfer.
    • Upon completion, copy the download link and include it in an email reply.


    Windows Event Logs

    • Press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard at the same time. Type eventvwr.msc and click OK.
    • Expand Windows Logs.
    • Right-click Application and click Save All Events As.... Name the file application and click OK.
    • Repeat for Security and System.
    • Navigate to the location of the files. Highlight the three files, right-click one and click Send to followed by Compressed (zipped) folder.
    • Name the Zip file EventLogs.zip and attach the file in your next reply.
  2. We've been able to replicate this behavior.  This has to do with requiring a reboot saying "No" to the reboot prompt, or even just waiting with the reboot prompt up.  The old service is restarted because we don't want to leave the user unprotected and the installation will run again after reboot silently.

    We have a bug written up internally.  Thanks for the input! 😀

  3. On 7/19/2019 at 11:13 PM, exile360 said:

    I meant being able to exclude items from all components, including the other protection components like Ransomware Protection.  This option is grayed out when in free mode I noticed meaning a user would have to activate protection by activating their license before being able to create a full exclusion to exclude an item from Premium only components.  If there is a system locking/crashing issue, this would be impossible to do so a user would need to be able to create such an exclusion while in free mode prior to activating the product with their license.  The only alternative would be to boot into safe mode, but that's a lot less convenient, especially if the user already knows these exclusions are required and they just want to prep the software prior to activating Premium with their license key.

    Regarding the UI, we're just talking about it remembering the window size and position onscreen.  It's OK if it reopens to the Dashboard every time, at least in my opinion, as that's the behavior I would expect.  It would just be nice if the window opened in the same place and at the same size measurements that I had it at when I last closed it the same way that most other programs do such as web browsers, Windows Explorer folders, control panel items etc.

    Ok!  I see what you're saying.  Now this makes much more sense.  I'll be sure to add this as a feature request for the Exclusions in Free Mode.

    Also, thank you @exile360 and @AdvancedSetup for clarifying about remembering the window location.

  4. Thank you for the feedback exile360 :)

    1. For Exclusions, it's available under Detection History > Allow List.  This should be available even to Free Users.  Unless you mean Comprehensive in another kind of way?
    2. I will make sure our PMs see this feature request.  This would make things very convenient when users quarantine something by accident and want to restore and keep that file safe from detection.
    3. I've just created a defect for this as well.  This would be a nice usability fix.
    4. Zero is cool!  Agreed! :D 
    5. Thank you for the compliment with the scan times!
    6. Yes, the UI is still being actively worked on.  The focus for the first BETA is False Positives and scanning.
    7. About the lists having a darker color for every other line, I'll bring that up as well.


    About remembering window locations, do you mean:

    • Staying on Scan History.
    • Closing MBAM's UI (Not closing it from tray which shuts down MBAM, that would be a different case.)
    • Re-opening UI.
    • Expectation to see the Scan History screen again?
  5. 31 minutes ago, throkr said:

    Installed (through Settings) and working fine on Win10 1809 - Build 17763.292.

    Just a reminder to the devs: this problem still remains ( in French and Spanish language) ...

    Thanks !   :) 

    Hello!  Thank you for installing the BETA.

    Regarding your bug, we are aware but it was not scheduled to be fixed in 3.7.  Thank you for the reminder :)

  6. Quote

    How can I report this to Malwarebytes?

    You've already done so!  Thank you very much.

    I'm able to reproduce what you've reported.  I'll let the proper team know of the issue.

    The problem is the device is getting removed correctly server side, but the my account portal is not removing the right device name.
    If you refresh your page after removing the device, the list should be updated correctly.


    Is it necessary to be at the physical PC to be re-activated or can it be done from another Licensed PC?

    If the system already has MBAM installed, the next time it checks with our server and if you still have a seat available it will stay activated.

    Otherwise, you will need to re-activate it manually.

  7. @tonguetwister - Hello!

    I agree with Firefox.  I would perform the upgrade due to the various fixes.  We are also aware of possible issues during upgrades and have been making changes to help prevent this and added more logging to help debug the issue.  If you do run into the issue, please do not hesitate to post here on the forum or reach out to one of the staff members here so we can figure out the issue.  :)

  8. Quote

    Wonder how this value got to "da" in the first place on an all English system that never has been set to any other language?

    Unfortunately I cannot answer that question, but if an installer was run previously and a different language was selected, that registry value (from your computer it was set to "da" which is Dansk or Danish) will be set and then next time you run the installer, it will be set to that language automatically.

    If you re-install MBAM with English selected, it will change that registry value to English.

  9. Thank you for the logs!

    I think I have an idea of what may be happening.

    Could you check the following registry key on the system you saw the issue?


    Within that registry key, what is the value for Inno Setup: Language?

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