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  1. @Applemilk - If you could run mb-check and attach the zipped logs, that would be very appreciated.
  2. Hello riahc3, We are aware of the issue and will be pushing out an update to fix this. The intention was to have a user reboot and re-run the installer automatically after the reboot if there were any issues in the installation process. Unfortunately this issue is affecting many of our users so we are working to collect information to identify this is the same issue and will have a new build soon to fix this issue. Thank you for your patience and response.
  3. @kv416 - Did you buy your license online or at a retail store? If you cannot log into your My Account Portal, please contact our support staff here
  4. Second Premium Trial?

    It's correct that your trial has been reset. We do not do this for every release, but for MBAM 3.2.2's release we have reset everyone's trial availability.
  5. Malwarebytes v. 3.2.2

    Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know.
  6. Thanks for the info @Phone Man. We will let you know when we have a new BETA build or there are updates on our end.
  7. Thanks @siliconman01. That's also what I'm seeing. We'll have our developers take a look.
  8. If anyone is still trying this, could you also try only disabling Web Protection and attempt a reboot?
  9. If you are seeing this slowdown on reboot, please try disabling Ransomware Protection and rebooting.
  10. Also, just in case it wasn't mentioned, we do know of the issue with the update package version reverting to an older version between 3.x upgrades. Thanks for the input and trying our new BETA build!
  11. @siliconman01 - Thank you for participating in the 3.2 BETA! I've looked into the issue and can reproduce this on my end. 3.1.2 did not have as long of a delay. 3.1.2 took about 10 seconds. 3.2.0 took about 40 seconds. I'll get this logged as a defect and we'll take a deeper look.
  12. Ah, Phone Man beat me to it. Cheers!
  13. @mike9874 Did you set the scheduled scan to also scan for rootkits?
  14. If I'm reading this correctly, with your installation of 3.1.2 updating to 3.2.0, it asked you to reboot due to mbae64.dll found as a pending file reboot operation (PFRO). ================ >> Starting Malwarebytes installer log at: 2017-07-29T00:07:27Z MBAE is not present Did not find 2x with SP enabled found mbam file in PFRO: \??\C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbae64.dll found mbam file in PFRO: \??\C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbae64.dll Looking into your uninstall log, it shows it could not remove that file. 2017-07-28 20:08:22.462 Deleting file: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\mbae64.dll 2017-07-28 20:08:22.463 The file appears to be in use (5). Will delete on restart. What may have happened is you still had a browser or program that MBAE protects still hooked into the process and that is why we had to schedule the reboot. Thanks for the logs and reply! Let us know if there is any more info you can give about the reboot scenario or if you have any other feedback!
  15. Licence activation question

    John, Could you get me any install logs from your %temp% folder? In particular, I'd like: mb_setup.log MBAMSERVICE.log Setup Logs Uninstall Logs It may also help for you to run the latest mb-check and attach logs from that as well.