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  1. Every thing is working as it should. The over clock on my i7-6800K-3.4 @ 4.2 was not liked by Malwarebytes. Yet my other computer with a i7-4820-E 3.6 @ 4.6 Malwarebytes doesn't mind at all when scanning. Goes to show no two system act the same. You all can close this thread when you see fit. Many thanks! Jack
  2. Their are few products that I promote on either Forum and Malwarebytes is one that I do. A few times in all the years I have used Malwarebytes if their was a problem. Malwarebytes had a fix in a very short time. I won't even post the problem I just had, on either forum unless someone post with the same problem. It's probably the architecture of my system that caused the problem. No two computer are exactly the same. Jack
  3. I'm a home base user and sometimes I build a new computer. I spend a lot of time on the 'Seven Forum' and the 'Ten Forum' to keep busy. What is a little strange to me; my other computer (Windows 7 Pro/64) and has a 4820K/3.7 over clocked to 4.6 running Malwarebytes without lowering the priority of the scans. It's been running fine for 2 years. When I had Windows 7 on this computer 6800K. Their was no problem. Other than changing operating system the only difference Windows 7 was on a Intel ssd and now I have Windows 10 on a Intel M.2. Pro 6000P. Once again thank you very mu
  4. So far things are working as they should. I would like to keep this thread open for a short time, just in case. Thanks to Porthos for all the time spent and knowledge. Thanks dcololins for your help and concern. Did the new log look okay? Did you understand my last post? I tried to make things clear and understandable. Jack
  5. mb-check-results.zip Good day folks. I have been going over the thread after some rest and a pot of coffee. I do understand things a little better. The post #17 I think was the most helpful so far. While scanning Malwarebytes was only using 1 thread on 2 cores of the 6 cores of the 6800k/3.6 processor. I made the change suggest in the picture of post # 17 and run a scan at default (3.6) and then at overclock 4.0 and another scan at 4.2 overclock. So far things are working as they should. So far my conclusion is; when Malwarebytes scans it only uses a small portion of t
  6. Thank you for trying so hard and your time. Tomorrow I will pop in my Windows 7 ssd and check if Malwarbytes is still there. I will be back tomorrow. Jack
  7. Yes it cost a lot. I took a while to save up enough money. Here is my other system. Over clocked a bunch and Malwarebytes runs quite well and has for a long time. At a 100% load testing neither system goes over 60C at ambient 20C. ----------------------------------------------- PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number: Self built OS: Windows 7/64 Professional CPU: Intel 4820-E @ 4.6 Motherboard: Asus X79 Sabertooth Memory: 16 gigs 2400 Graphics Card(s): Asus GTX-770/OC Monitor(s) Displays: Asus 27 i
  8. I only have one operating system, Windows 10 and no VM. I still have the ssd with Windows 7 on it. I will look if Malwarbyte is still installed and activated. I keep Windows 7 around just in case I want to go back. Their is no way a scan using anything is going to over task my system. Jack.
  9. All drivers were checked for updates after the install. The drivers on the DVD will always get one up and running so one can update drivers if need be. When I do scans of any kind their is not multi-tasking. All scans are done by themselves. I do nothing while scans are being done. I never do more than one scan at a time. I'm don't remember if I deactivated Malwarebytes on the old Windows 7 that was on this same computer; would that cause a problem? My understanding is/was that one license would work on one computer, what ever Operating System was installed. Is that correct?
  10. Most of the drivers came from Asus using the motherboard disk Video driver came from nVidia Keyboard and mouse drivers are microsoft. Yes I'm over clocked but I have tried at default and the same thing happens. Malwarebytes has always work on my my two computer with overclocking. I have no idea how a overclock would effect Malwarbytes and nothing else. Before you ask. No their is no temp problems. My computers run very cool, clean, quiet and snappy.
  11. Custom build. My Specs. Computer Type PC/Desktop System Manufacturer/Model Number Self made OS Windows 10 Pro/64 Version 1709 CPU Intel i7-6800K @ 4.3 Motherboard Asus X-99 Deluxe II Memory Corsair Platinum 16 GB @ 2400 Graphics Card EVGA GTX 1070 OC Monitor(s) Displays Asus 27" LED LCD/VE278Q Screen Resolution 1920-1080 Keyboard Das 4 Professional Mouse MX Anywher 2s PSU EVGA Platium 1200W Case Phanteks Luxe Tempered Glass Cooling XSPC Water cooled cpu / hard tubing Hard Drives Intel SSD 730-240 GB Sata 3.0 Intel M.2 P6000 Internet Speed 100 mbits Browser I.E. 11 and Firefox / Spect
  12. I have been doing so many things I don't know if I deactivated first. How do I check for that now? Jack
  13. Windows 10 was a clean install with a Microsoft DVD store bought. I'm running version 1709. Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.192] (c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved I installed MB again and tried to scan with it. Got another shut down.(freeze on scanning memory) Started up again and activated again and tried another scan and another shut down. (freeze on scanning files) (K Mode exception-not-handled.) (WHEA UnCorrectable Error) What I had to do is use Malwarebyes Remover and then clean up the mess and reboot a couple of times. Now I ca
  14. exclusions Porthos that sure didn't go well. Added the things to Defender exclusion and it seemed okay. Added one thing to the Malwarebytes exclusion and the computer had to go through 3 blue screens and reboots. I set Defender back to default and removed Malwarebytes. Ran "sfc /scannow" no problems there. I going to put Malwarebytes back on my system and see how thing go. I do believe it's a Malwarebytes problem. I also believe Malwarebytes will get it fixed. Hopefully soon. I also run RKill just to see if anything was causing the problem. RKill found n
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