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    Hi, I've been visiting this site for years, and woke up today to find it blocked.. had to have happened Feb 7. Could someone please look into this? hxxp://
  2. Thank you
  3. Hi, I've recently installed 3.0.5 and have been having troubles with my system. Many of my 'startup' applications no longer run after a reboot (e.g. and are missing from the toolbar). A couple of these programs refuse to stay running, shortly after opening them. The anti-exploit module is broken, and the MBAM system tray icon is missing. I've uninstalled MBAM, and while many of the startup applications are opening normally again, a couple of them have not.. which suggests that 3.0.5 did something that I have no way of knowing how to fix. I did performed 'sfc scannow' and it turned up normal, so maybe there is some hope is fixing this? In the meantime, is there a trusted source where I can download a previous version of Malwarebytes? Is there an archive somewhere? I'll take anything that's recent from 2.0 if possible.
  4. Update error, can't delete mbae64.sys?

    Okay, thanks for your help.. that was easy I'm kinda weary about the Anti-Exploit stuff that remained, still seemed to have its claws in the system
  5. Update error, can't delete mbae64.sys?

    I hit Ignore and it installed :] but umm.. what did i just do?
  6. Update error, can't delete mbae64.sys?

    I didn't click that, because it said it wasn't a recommended option.
  7. I'm on 3.0 and tried to manually update to the latest version, but I got the error message in the first screenshot while trying to install it. I then uninstalled Malwarebytes, and got the same message while trying to install it again. I read somewhere that I should delete the mbae64.sys file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers, then to try installing it again, but I can't (see 2nd screenshot). Apparently the file is being used by something, but I can't identify it in the Task Manager. I'm running as administrator and even restarted.. nothing helps. I looked inside the Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware folder and there is this mbae.dll file inside (3rd screenshot). I had Anti-Exploit installed before 3.0, but after 3.0 I don't know why this file is still exists. My system has been acting wonky ever since this went down.. some programs will open, but won't stay running. Please help.
  8. forever licenses?

    You could at least try to hide your jealousy.