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  1. I have been using Malwarebytes and Zonealarm Antivirus and firewall for years,without conlflict. However,i dont think its a good idea to run MB and ZA anti ransomeware at the same time,might causing issues. Can you(or any other) please provide me with some links showing test results which one stands up against ransomware best? At Youtube there a few years old videos,showing MB failure. The same goes for ZA. No new videos showing actual up to date testings.
  2. I have Malwarebytes Premium,in which Anti-ransomware protection are included. I use Zone Alarm as antivirus and firewall,and in the latest release, Zone Alarm included their own anti-ransomware for free. Which one of these two are the best? Is there indepentent tests performed proving which Product which is the best? One can not use two anti-ransomware at the same time,causing conflict as i understand.
  3. I decided to uninstall Zone Alarm anti-ransomware and instead use the Malwarebytes anti-ransomware. So far i have not been attacked by ransomware. I was hoping to hear some feedback how effective Malwarebytes anti-ransomware are from someone who has been attacked and how well it defeated/stood up against the ransomware.
  4. I just signed up for a free month of Zone Alarm anti-ransomware to try it by curiosity. I did not realize that in my Malwarebytes premium version there is also an anti-ransomware feature. I saw that by coincidence when i checked the settings of my Malwarebytes premium that there was an anti-ransomware feature. I turned the MBAM anti-ransomware feature of while using the Zone Alarm anti-ransomware to avoid conflict between these programs. I have been lucky and have so far not been attacked by any ransomware so i have not had any chance to test which antiransomware is the most effective. Before the free trial month is over,i have to decide if i should continue to use Zone Alarm anti-ransomware which costs 2$ every month,or if i should stay with Malwarebytes anti-ransomware which is included in my lifetime license version. Which anti-ransomware is the most effective? Please give feedback. Is it worth paying 2$ every month for the Zone Alarm anti-ransomware,or is the Malwarebytes anti-ransomware just as good? Iam not quite sure if this is the right section to post, but please move it to the right section otherwise.
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