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  1. But after contacing Zone Alarm suport team,they say that the issue is not theirs. I uninstalled Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite Before doing Clean uninstal of Malwarebytes,and then installing Malwarebytes again. Then i turned on Zone Alarm Extreme Security Suite. Yet the issue remains.
  2. Can you please help me how to uninstal Kaspesky,and then Utilze defender?
  3. After uninstaling Malwarebytes and installing it again witout the Malwarebytes Ransomare i, again receive the following issue(see atchment). It does not help disble the Ransomware protection. What shall i do now?
  4. Yes,but Malwarebytes is depending under Kaspersky. It is the Kaspersky that is causing my issue, and Malwarebytes is depening under them. The Malwarebytes support admits it is so the case for me themselves.
  5. Thanks! Then i see. if understand it tight,It looks like Kasperky is the first provider of all Antivirus/Antimalware Engines regardless of what product one choose,and all are depentend in some way or another with them.
  6. Sounds good! Hope to see a security patch been released soon from Kaspersky that solves the issue. One learns more from time to time. I did not think that Kaskpersky was so powerful giving influence over other Antivirus/anti Malware Products. What about Malwarebytes creating an own indenpendent engine so they dont have to rely to other providers,to prevent possible further future issues?
  7. I now have done this procedure. I installed Malwarebytes again and disable the Ransomware Protection. Now it appears that the system works. This is good for me, who have a back up program that protects me against Ransomware.,but how aout all other users who rely on Malwarebytes Ransomware Protection,and does not have any back up product who protects them from Ransomware and rely on Malwarebytes who cant deliver the protection that the custuomer pays for? Are you going to release a patch soon that fix this issue?
  8. Ok. So fix the issue for now the best way is to run a clean install of Malwarebytes,then install it again and leaving ransonware proctetion disabled. I then instead rely of my Zone Alarm Anti-Ransomeware protection enabled,until you at Malwarebytes has resolved the issue and releasing a new verison that excludes the issues?
  9. Ok! I see. Can you guide me how to solve the issue then?
  10. I already read this thread. I could disable Malwarebytes Ransomware Protection,and instead rely on Zone Alarm Anti Ransomware,but that does not give a solution of the problem. Then there is a halfway solution.Why are Malwarebytes releasing a new 4.0 product while they cant live up to what they sell? I am not a computer engineer,just an average user. The possible issues should be solved before releasing a new product. I want to use Malwarebytes Ransomware protection. If it does not work,then Malwarebytes admit they cant perform what they sell. Remember that many users have differe
  11. I agree fully,but i dont receive any helpful solution from Malwarebytes. They say that the issue is caused by a conflict with Kaspersky. They provided a link to Kaspersky issues,but i cant find any helpful information in it how to solve my issue.
  12. I already started a ticket for this problem,but i have received no solution to the problem. Since i upgraded to Malwarebytes 4.0(lifetime license) several issues occurs. First Malwarebytes cant read the Anti-Rootkit drive rutine. Then the scan stops while scaning with an error message(see attachments). Its written in Swedish,but i think you understand what i mean anyway. I have contacted the Malwarebytes support,and download the Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST) Clean Uninstall,and performed a clean uninstall. Yet the issue remains. I am using Zone Alarm Extreme Security,and have disable
  13. I have been using Malwarebytes and Zonealarm Antivirus and firewall for years,without conlflict. However,i dont think its a good idea to run MB and ZA anti ransomeware at the same time,might causing issues. Can you(or any other) please provide me with some links showing test results which one stands up against ransomware best? At Youtube there a few years old videos,showing MB failure. The same goes for ZA. No new videos showing actual up to date testings.
  14. I have Malwarebytes Premium,in which Anti-ransomware protection are included. I use Zone Alarm as antivirus and firewall,and in the latest release, Zone Alarm included their own anti-ransomware for free. Which one of these two are the best? Is there indepentent tests performed proving which Product which is the best? One can not use two anti-ransomware at the same time,causing conflict as i understand.
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