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  1. Good Morning Dashke! Thank you so much for the quick reply! I'll alert my forum's support staff of the issue. Have a great Sunday :)
  2. Sorry meant to post the url of the forum-thank you. https://nuttersinn.forumotion.com/login
  3. Good Evening, Starting today, MB is continuously displaying this popup at a forum site where I'm a member. It's not the site itself MB is blocking but the domain the forum 's images are stored. Images used for icons and headers, etc. are broken. I've run MB and my Avast Security and have found no issues on my win7 pro PC. I've tried the site under Chrome, Firefox and Avast's Browser and I get this same message. I'm currently using this version of Malwarebytes. Any help on how I can troubleshoot would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help
  4. Thank you SO MUCH! I received this result late last night, removed my pc from my network and was about to ask about the message. I😊
  5. Good Morning, Starting yesterday Malwarebytes Premium 2.03.1025 started reporting the following files as containing Trojan.FakeMS.ED: IEMIL_3.CAB and IENT_S6.CAB which are files contained in the installation of Quicken Deluxe 2005. I ran a full scan again after the database was updated and obtained the same results. I ran a full scan of Avast Internet Security which reported no threats. I'm hoping you folks will find these as a false positive as I saw a recent post here with a similiar issue. I'm attaching my zip file containing the 2 files in question plus the application log file from the last scan. Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.
  6. My windows copies from my windows folders I was able to get back via system restore. That's probably the safest way.
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