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  1. Oh and I wish Malwarebytes would offer an option to upgrade our lifetime single machine licenses and add on for additional machines a small one time amount. Good way for them to get a little extra money from the lifetime people because we know those people will never buy a subscription (hence why they had the lifetime).
  2. You were using the software illegally all these years and now you are upset that Malwarebytes is finally enforcing what you paid for.... I was in the same circumstance where I used it on more than just the one (back when a licensing website did not exist where I could activated/deactivate) and noticed the change and just decided to move on and only keep the premium on the important machines. You should have purchased more licenses to cover the ones you needed back then. Now you only have a subscription route or competitor. So far I have found less and less need of Malwarebytes since Windows started forcing windows 10 builds on people (already a more secure OS than 7 ever was) and Windows Defender keeps getting better and better with cloud/AI.
  3. Yup, they said same thing last time. Clearly if they did anything since that time it was not enough or they really never did anything. More testing needs to be done. Maybe a slower rollout of updates like roku does where they do X units per day etc. But ultimately, if a single employee had installed that update on their machine they should of noticed the memory leak/cpu leak really fast. Since they moved licensing to a monthly subscription, they should have a compensation plan in order (just like cloud providers with an sla if not met you get a discount). (I am still on lifetime so would not apply to me). I got lucky my machine was off but had another one that had issues.
  4. I have this happen to my moms and mine computer. No logitech programs. After a reboot it will be fine but sometimes at startup the start button does not work till a reboot. Could be an issue with windows.
  5. You wish. Microsoft still keeping metro colors and style. It is all over their website and other websites and programs even using it. iOS and Android both when flat look too. Microsoft only reverting the start page/ start menu.
  6. Settings button to show smiley instead of checkbox. Problem solved, all customers pleased.
  7. It really sucks for windows 8 machines. Cant get to safe mode without boot media. Microsoft disabled f8 to save a few seconds boot time. pathetic.
  8. They used to offer it and I think people are grandfathered in. At the college I work for we used it and just repaid a few weeks ago. You might want to try to contact other info further as their was a business email we had to email originally.
  9. This is on fresh new computers with no previous malwarebytes too. http://mbam.malwarebytes.org/program/random.php
  10. Actually no im not infected. I am running it to make sure it works when needed. Version 1.44 random worked, but 1.45 does not.
  11. MBAM_ERROR_Missing_file (3,0) when starting the malwarebytes through the random exe generator while in windows.
  12. I noticed malwarebytes also affects local network speeds. When protection module is active, if i try to transfer any file over the network, the computer will go about 2mb versus 20 and be very laggy/freezing up.
  13. Nevermind I see the other posts on this. I just add it to the ignore list.
  14. Downloaded from site and says it is malware.packer.krunchy. Super Pi Mod 1.5 http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/366/S...I_Mod_v1.5.html It is a benchmarking tool and has passed kaspersky and microsoft.
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