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  1. So, I just got done updating about 100 Windows computers. Out of the 100, 12 had Malwarebytes disappear after the 1809 Windows update. And the answer is just, oh well, download it and reinstall it? This looks serious enough to become a future class action lawsuit if it progressively get worse. Sell the product, tell the customer to reinstall it, and who is to blame, Microsoft, Malwarebytes? Something is very, very fishy.
  2. WHAT ABOUT when it started, and the site (Malwarebytes.com....support) said: WE ARE CURRENTLY OFFLINE FOR MAINTENANCE, BE BACK SOON
  3. Hey Walo, Are you kidding me? ooooofffffffff Really?
  4. I "rescued"/resurrected 85 of over 120 computers over the last 24 hours. It was exhausting. Starting at 10:30-11 AM on Saturday (1/27/18) up to now 4 PM (Sunday 1/28/18). IF Malwarebytes saves face moving forward, I look to have a reduced renewal fees and additional licenses offered as a means of patching the relationship. However, it has to improve. Fortunately, being a LogMeIn Central subscriber to support my end users it was beneficial. By using LogMeIn to access those machines that were either unresponsive for the end user or inhibiting access via most any means, the interface for LMI (Windows access) has a 'Reboot' button which forces a reboot. I forced the reboot and most of them responded, and after the reboot they were automatically updated to the most recent version of Malwarebytes, circumventing the nightmare issues that have been discussed here. Not all of the remote reboots responded and will either need an onsite visit or end user intervention. As a side note, I'm transitioning from LogMeIn to Splashtop, and although Splashtop is far more economical and does what is needed to do for remote access, it was FAIL big time, as many of the machines that showed available on LMI were "offline" and inaccessible via Splashtop, and even after regaining access after the LMI reboot, Splashtop was disengaged/off (the 'streamer') which necessitated me to turn it back on after gaining access. If not, then I'd have to walk the end user to instruct them how to turn it on or physically visit the various sites to address. The odd part was that some of those Splashtop clients lost credentials and grouping, a real nightmare. Kudos to LogMeIn, it's a shame that they are so costly, and Splashtop is a great economical alternative, but it did not cut the mustard to help me bail out the end users if it does not work. Maybe they need to step up the game to be a viable contender. Another conversation for a different time and forum. Quite frankly, a lot of offered solutions here in these postings make the assumption that you can access and still have control and management functions, which a lot of users did not have, not did I when attempting to access remotely. So if you do have the ability to access and perform some of the corrective steps offered as a solution, then it should work fine, if not, then a reboot is mandated (forced, 'dirty' shutdown, whether remotely initiated or locally by the end user) to "push" the required patched version of Malwarebytes. As a secondary step, a second reboot helps things, in my experience from my involvement over the last 24 hours (I slept only 4 hours since the onset of performing the management of the corrective steps needed to bring these machines back form the dead). Finally, given the course of events of the last few weeks with the Intel fiasco and the Microsoft patches (at least here in the Windows side of things), those slowdown items on top of this Malwarebytes issue have had a tremendous effect on older hardware, and if the Malwarebytes patch is not the precipitator to encourage users to eventually consider more robust hardware, I can suggest it may, as I feel thing will get much worse in months to come (hardware affected slowdowns, software patches that don't play nice with older stuff, etc.). I have only my firsthand experience with what I have experienced over the last day as described above and even if we all had 8th generation CPU's, we would all have still had this Malwarebytes thing happen, but I think the severity would be less on newer equipment, as well as moving forward with my references to all the slowdown items occurring. Sure, Generation 8 CPU's had to be hard rebooted too, no rhyme or reasoning here other than just saying, Intel CPU patches, Microsoft Patches, AV patches, nightmare results, we are all the testing bed for the future solutions.
  5. Look, I too am pissed. I too have been inundated with client calls and panic. I too wonder why. Moreover, MY concern is purchasing the "TEAM" version with the statement of "Priority Support" 'Put your support at the front of the line'. THIS was the ONLY purpose to buy the 'TEAM' version, none other. At 10:09 PST (Malwarebytes timestamp) I sent this: I HAVE MULTIPLE END USERS IN A PANIC MODE WITH REALTIME PROTECTETION NOT BEING ABLE TO REAMAN ON, AND SOME ARE HAVING RESIDUAL ISSUES. YOUR SUPPORT SITE IS DOWN HOW DOES THIS GET ADDRESSED, PRIORITY SUPPORT??? ================ Their reply: (immediately) =============== Thank you for submitting your support request! This is an automated email just to let you know we received your request and created ticket xxxxxxx for you. A support agent will get back to you shortly to address your request. In the meantime, you may find an answer to your issue in our Malwarebytes Support site. Tip! Upgrading to the latest version of Malwarebytes fixes most of the issues you may be encountering. And we have KB articles to assist you: - How to upgrade to the latest version of Malwarebytes 3 - How to activate Malwarebytes 3 - How to obtain your license information and confirmation email Thanks! Kevin Goodwin Director, Malwarebytes Consumer Support ================ Then at 4:14 PM (EST) I get this: Your support ticket xxxxxxx has been updated. Please reply to this email to update the ticket with any questions or additional information. Tim (Malwarebytes Support) Jan 27, 13:13 PST Hello Unhappy End User, welcome to Malwarebytes Customer Support! My name is Tim E. and I will be assisting you today Thank you for getting in contact with us. I'm very sorry about this. I will need to collect additional information in order to troubleshoot the issue. This can be accomplished with use of our Malwarebytes Support Tool, which automates collection of diagnostic information that will help us ascertain the cause of the issue you're experiencing. Malwarebytes Support Tool (MBST) Please download MBST using the link below: → http://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mbst Once the file is downloaded, open your Downloadsfolder/location of the downloaded file. Double-click mb-support- to run the program. Place a checkmark next to Accept License Agreement and click Next. You will be presented with a page stating, "Welcome to the Malwarebytes Support Tool!". Please proceed with the instructions below. Note: If you are you running the Windows XP Operating System, please skip the Online Log Collection instructions and proceed with Offline Log Collection below. Online Log Collection Click the Get Started button. In the Email Address field, enter the following address: YOUR_EMAIL@YOU_ARE_SCREWED.NET In the Ticket Number field, enter the following number: xxxxxxx Click the Next button. Note: If you receive a message stating, "Invalid information" please verify you have an active Internet connection and the above information has been entered correctly. If the message persists, please click the Previous button and skip to theOffline Log Collection instructions below. If successful, the program will proceed to gather diagnostic information from your computer. Upon completion, a message stating, "Logs have been uploaded successfully!" should be displayed. Please click the Exit button. We will get back in contact with you shortly once the logs have been reviewed. Offline Log Collection Click the Advanced Options link. Click the Gather Logs button. A progress bar will appear and the program will proceed to gather diagnostic information from your computer. Upon completion, click OK. A file named mbst-grab-results.zip will be saved to yourDesktop. Please attach the file in your next email reply. If you encounter any issues during the running of the tool, please let me know. Regards, Tim E. | Malwarebytes Consumer Support | support.malwarebytes.com =================== ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THEY KNEW THE ISSUE, WE ALL HAD PROBLEMS CONNECTING, ACCESSING, ETC., ETC., AND I'M BEING ASKED TO DO THIS? We all remember when this program was free. We all know they went commercial because they had the edge. Now, we all got totally embarrassed because we persuaded our users to purchase/enlist in the subscription for a better level of protection. This thread can go on for days, most likely someone will pull mine because of the frankness or they don't want my opinion stated here. We are all kind of seemingly beta testing for Malwarebytes, and we should be given some compensation or acknowledgement if their incompetence is so blatant that this happened today. Are they making so much money that they are enjoying capitalism and outsourcing to junior level engineers and developers? Who is the over-see-er? Sure things like this happen, but how does one regain the trust and level of security demanded in todays vicious environment? Now, all wee need to do is have them issue a 100 page, "Terms and Agreement", 'disclaimer' and everything to make sure they are shielded from legal action. Watch, my predictions usually come true. They are out of business in 5 years. I can share additional nightmare stories with similar situations, as I'm sure we all can. I hope I don't get sued because of this. I know I lost a lot of confidence in my user base today, even though I was able to recover the majority of end users from this nightmare.
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