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  1. Thats good and thanks just making sure since I didnt see it listed as supported.
  2. Does this version work on Windows Media Center Edition rollup version?
  3. Are you saying I cant use the free product to clean up malware?
  4. Well I applied to learn and not to apply it to my work since alot of the things a do takes alot of patience and understanding. I run my own computer repair company and some of what I have learned from forums like this by reading everything now and again everyonce in a while has taught me alot just by reading. I have advised these ppl to make regular backups for logs 1 to 3 and they usually do once a month regardless, but for the other ones the system is to far gone and the only way to fix it is by cd as far as I know or recovery console somehow with a burned disc. I could make but with no way to back up the data I think its just a casualty of war and just shouldn't be tampered with since internet on it has not worked since i picked it up and has been in the same state for 6 months. I know what steps to take to prevent lost data and it has worked ever since I am 23 now and I have been learning since I was 8 and will not stop until I cease to exist since this line of work for me is not only a dream but a passion. They dont even know what forum I am using to ask for help and they are just waiting for a review is all just to see if there is any malware or rootkits in the logs is all i really need to know and what to do about it. Furthermore I know MBAM is for home users as well and its done an excellent job in my eyes over the years Ive used it on this pc I am using now but since I have the highest free software I can put on here it has not picked up one single shred of malware yet so either im that good or im very safe .
  5. The people I work with on these machines have their own company and jobs and appoint me to work on them since I have never been trained to use the tools this forum and other forums know how to use. I would really like to learn those tools and programs but I have not had a school successfully take me in so I can learn and that is why I always ask here and another forum for help. For the three logs attached in one post near beginning of topic I can do a remote connection and do the instructions that way.
  6. OK I will get the results from them when I can but it probably wont be until Thursday until that is possible.
  7. Well no one knows why here my posts were merged with this topic and I dont think they should have been and I dont think you understand since you did not read my post of where the only way i can run anything is off of my flash drive and i cannot even drag the file on top of combofix and the internet for it does not even work.
  8. Ok since I have done something like this before I will need to backup what data the person needs from this machine including pictures and whatever else before I proceed with this step just to be sure. Can we skip this for now and return to it later so I can try to backup what data that is requested from the person...? In another case can we proceed with the #1.txt log then follow with other two. I have cleaned these up before and everything has been ran including spybot S@D, mbam, sas and dr web cure it and combofix on all three of them and cleaned up with hijackthis as well. I just need some insight if anything needs to be done with those three since I dont know about how to read from the logs so I just post them .
  9. And do what? I do not think the person of this computer would like a fresh install from what ive read. Could my cd be used to from my pc to repair it?
  10. I will run most likely tomorrow since I am very busy tonight catching up on things.
  11. Got an error code for MBAM install which is [OpenSCManger]Failed to Perform Desired action. Error Code 1307 Then when i got pop up with launch and update program another error Run time error 372 Failed to load control 'vbalGrid' from vbalsgrid6.ocx. Your version of vbalsgrid6.ocx may be outdated. Make sure you are using the version of the control that was provided with your application. Clicked ok and it showed again and tried to open it same thing.
  12. MBAM is not working and it says specified file cannot be found.
  13. I could not get combofix uninstalled until I ran it again then it worked so i will post a new log of combofix and i didnt run the uninstall until after dds was ran but here are all 3 logs if needed. loga.txt Attach.txt DDS.txt
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