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  1. I also have an XP-64 machine on which runonce.exe is being flagged as Trojan.FakeAv, since yesterday. Zips of the logs and exe are attached. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise does not detect it as a threat. mbam_logs.ziprunonce.zip
  2. I am aware of 2 other websites with that IP address which MBAM started blocking recently - I would estimate within the last 2 weeks. Before then, those websites were not blocked. Based on what you say about this IP # having been an issue since 2009, does that indicate that the website hosting provider changed the sites' IP numbers recently? Are you able to provide any more info on why the IP # is being blocked? Perhaps if enough customers contact the hosting provider, that will make a difference. I will ask the person who set up the websites who the hosting provider is. I'm not sure how to
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