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  1. Hi, the mail server IP and is blocked by MalwareBytes and we unable to receive email from them. Can you verify the blocking of both IPs and is it possible to remove them from the MalwareByte blacklist?
  2. Any update on the false positive. The IP is a mail server IP and incoming email are blocked by Malwarebytes.
  3. Hi, the IP is a mail server IP that belongs to mail.compasswool.com. It is being blocked, can you verify the reason of the blocking or can it be removed?
  4. Hi, the IP is a mail IP and is blocked by Malwarebytes. It is a mail server and may I have some details why it is malware related?
  5. Hi, I have receive a few Malwarebytes update but the IP is still blocked. Can you confirm it will be unblock since it is a false positive?
  6. Hi, Kindly check why the mail server IP is blacklisted by Malwarebytes. We have issue receiving emails from the IP due to Malwarebytes blocking. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Please enquiry why the IP is blacklisted by Malwarebytes. Its a mail server IP and it was blocked by Malwarebytes.
  8. Hi, The mail server IP is blocked by Malwarebyte hence cannot communicate with our machine. Please help us investigate why the IP is blocked. Thanks
  9. Hi, Our machine's Malwarebyte blocked the following mail IP that comunicates with us. Please investigate why the IP is blacklisted, thanks.
  10. Hi, Our Malwarebyte blocked the IP which is required to communicate with our machine. Kindly check what is the reason of blocking of the IP ?
  11. Hi Malwarebytes, The IP is blacklisted by Malwarebytes and unable to communicate with my server. Please provide the reason why it is blacklisted.
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