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  1. 1) I did NOT post "in panic". I posted a simple statement that MBAM kept disassociating itself from my OS. 2) I've reviewed each and every log created by the runs you had me make. I saw nothing in them that I considered "junk". What happened to remain of Ask had already been neutralized by me and was not visible anywhere on my computer - including services and browser. The latest version of Java had just come out and been installed. I did not have enough time to use their tool to remove older versions. 3) I have already done a System restore back to the point where all this nonsense started. I was reluctant to do that only because I was curious as to the reasons for running ComboFix. Now I know. Any software, especially software designed to pull malware and/or viruses from a computer, needs to have an aura of trust. For many years MBAM had my trust. With the coming of the latest version, and the attendant alterations to the way it interfaces with the user and his system, perceived by many (as evidenced by all the threads) as being a step backwards, I have decided to do just as I said in my last post and remove MBAM from at least this system as I have lost my level of trust. It remains to be seen if I remove it from all my machines. Customer services is a thankless job for the most part. I am heavily involved in it myself from time to time. I'm sorry if you think my tone is argumentative as it was not meant to be. I simply wanted to know what it was that ComboFix had done to my system (beyond reading the description on the download page) to make it so unresponsive. System Restore is a good tool but can, and sometimes does, cause the return of whatever it was that started the whole troubleshooting session off. In this case, it didn't. As far as I am concerned, this thread can be marked as 'solved'. I can't do it, because I can't edit my posts. Mortimer
  2. Pretending it never happened is NOT the answer I was looking for. I've been in the computer/hardware/software business since 1962 and know how to run a System Restore. I need to know three things (reply VIA PM if you desire): 1) what you saw in my previous logs that prompted you to suggest ComboFix. 2) what happened to my IP stack 3) Why my Aut0Play/Autorun will not work anymore. I also found a Registry entry (under HKLM) with a keyword of "Disable_Registry_Tools". I removed it, but that didn't help anything. Mortimer
  3. Even more information: My Autorun for connected USB drives has stopped working. The Control Panel "Autoplay" is of no help and even if I "Use Autoplay for all media and devices" I still cannot get it to run and show my special icon for the drive. What has ComboFix messed with? Mortimer
  4. Further information: I am now back on my primary machine. What ComboFix did was destroy the TCPIP stack so badly that the only way I can connect through the adapter is to enable DHCP. To do that, I had to use another computer to connect to my router and enable it. Any attempt to go back to an assigned IP address fails with a 'no connection to Internet" popup on my notification area over the network icon. I am still troubleshooting that and have NO ideas as to what to check next. I have already disabled the adapter, rebooted, and let Windows "find" it and reload the drivers. That didn't work as my assigned IP address still fails. Please excuse me if I don't run any more of your "fixes". Mortimer
  5. I now have my two files back. BUT, whatever else ComboFix did completely screwed up my Internet connection. I am now on another machine and struggling to find out what it did to my adapter's TCPIP stack. Somehow, it has completely blocked any connection through it where before I was connecting just fine. I definitely DO NOT appreciate having this happen. If you can tell me what ComboFix messed with perhaps I can salvage my connection. Otherwise, I'm probably going to have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch. Thanks loads. Mortimer
  6. All right. The file you want is attached. I am going to wait a few more days and see if the unresponsiveness returns. If it does, then I will give the BETA a chance. If not, I'll go with the production run until the Beta is released officially. Never attempt to fix what isn't broken is my motto. Mortimer ComboFix-quarantined-files.txt
  7. All I really need to know is how to recover those two files that were deleted. I can find them in the directory C:\Qoobox, but I suspect there is some incantation I need to actually draw them out of quarantine and back into use. Mortimer
  8. Here are the results. ComboFix removed two things that I would like to recover: Matrix32.scr (which is a "Matrix" style screensaver) F:\Autorun.inf (which contains a custom autorun with a logo I want displayed when I attach the drive) The other 4 items I don't care about. Before I ran ComboFix, I took a look at my Event Viewer and found no more MBAM hangups at all -- none. I was able to run all three types of scans with no ill effects. I have NOT altered my Java settings nor have I deleted/installed Java. Back when I was in the Navy, my technicians had a phrase (which I hated) that they put in the "solution" box. It was "CCWT", which meant "Came Clear While Testing". In any other environment, I suppose it would be called 'magic'. The log file is attached. Mortimer ComboFix.txt
  9. @Naki: No, not the same at all. My system remains stable and just MBAM quite running -- usually in the middle of a scan. Pretty much every morning, I turn on my monitor and am greeted by "MalwareBytes has stopped responding to WIndows.....". I would suggest the you start your own thread as our difficulties are not the same at all. Mortimer
  10. Okay. I'm willing to do that, but I don't feel comfortable at all without a REASON to do it. There is no obvious (to me) connection between Java and MBAM so an explanation would be nice. As far as doing anything to my registry -- no way, unless I know exactly what it is going to do. Mortimer
  11. Here's the thread over there. What's up? https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?showtopic=147054 Mortimer
  12. Hi. I was in another panel and was advised to post logs over here by 'Advanced Setup'. Here they are: Addition.txtattach.txtCheckResults.txtdds.txtFRST.txt
  13. I agree with SCR4514. I have a full (paid) subscription to all my computers and don't want to have my eyes constantly drawn to the ever-changing bottom lines scrolling. At best, could you have a 'show/hide' button (or link) so we can turn the distraction off? What I do to stop that from happening is grab the title bar and drag the window down far enough to hide the advertising. Mortimer
  14. I have another (solved) thread concerning a conflict between Emsisoft and MBAM. That problem was resolved and has not resurfaced, but in the process I've taken all the steps mentioned in the post you cite. My feeling is that MBAM and Emsisoft, being structured pretty much the same, will conflict with each other mych the same as running two anti-virus suites together. Is there a way to "tone down" MBAM so that it simply becomes an 'on-demand' scanner instead of being resident as a background process? Would that be just the free version? Mortimer
  15. @Firefox: Here are the test result you wanted. In view of all the posts you've made following posting of these results telling of "pirated software" found, if you find any on my installation I would at least like a PM telling me what you've found as I know of NO "pirated software" on any of my systems. These logs come from my most used 32-bit Windows 7 system. Mortimer Addition.txtattach.txtCheckResults.txtdds.txtFRST.txt
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