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  1. Tempory until what? That's the whole point in what I said, if they don't fix this (as they stated they wont), everyone leaves.
  2. You can't seriously see that as a solution siketa. That sounds like good malware detection software, having to disable it to browse the internet.
  3. I'm getting fed up with malwarebytes blocking legitimate websites. Many people I know that I have suggested using mwbs to are also getting fustrated by it. Just blanket blocking everyone is pathetic. Many people think that mwbs is blocking many websites that could be considered "suspicious" ie torrent sites even though they are safe to visit and most often legal. Why not unblock geotors IP range, since you know now that its not being used for attack websites etc. Many people I know will stop using malwarebytes depending on how hard lined you are, this will be a perfect example. I only use mwbs
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