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  1. Protection keeps turning off... V3.1.2

    I was able to scan with MB so was hopeful that web protection for my W10 64 bit PC would work. It didnt. Bebooted after scan and now cant get MB to start. Went to MB website and DL'd the removal tool. Now that process is stuck. Glad I'm retired, have lots of time to troubleshoot MB. Kind of a pain in the ...
  2. Protection keeps turning off... V3.1.2

    Ive done this twice in the last four-ish months because MB gets unstable. Its getting kinda old having to do this again and again.
  3. Protection keeps turning off... V3.1.2

    Same issues as everybody. Of all my apps for security and performance it was Iobit Driver Booster that provided me with a pop-up explaining the threat of a "Massive Ransomware Breakout". It offered to automatically correct configurations or led me to a web page (the option I chose) to show how to configure incoming port rules to block port 445, as well as updates that might be needed. I mention this not because Im a big fan of Iobit, Im really not, but it did surprise me that the one app that warned me and offered me help was friggin Iobit Driver Booster! http://www.iobit.com/en/tips-how-to-prevent-wannacrypt-attacking-80.php?p=db
  4. Continued problems with

    So, Im right back to where I was. I followed your technical instructions and it worked for three weeks or so but its back to being unresponsive. When I get home from duty after having been away for a day or so I log into Windows 10 and there is Malwarebytes in the tray with a big ole red triangle. Cant close the program, cant launch the program. What is up with Malwarebytes?
  5. Continued problems with

    Kinda crazy, I rebooted but no difference. I had to have my license info resent and then it worked. I keep a Word file with my license info but copy/paste wasnt working, so I accessed my info through Cleverbridge and it worked. A different font I have to wonder? Kinda crazy but it validated and everything seems to be fine. Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it, I have come to rely on Malwarebytes and dont know what I'd do without it. Fingers crossed it was just a glitch. Thanks again.
  6. Continued problems with

    Well, I did what you suggested. Cleaned the install and DL'd the newest version and installed it. I input my license key and my license ID, I got the green check mark apparently indicating that it recognized the combo key/ID but the activate license box never activated. So it leaves me with 2 choices, Purchase a license (I already have purchased a lifetime license) or cancel. So, dont know how to proceed
  7. I have a lifetime license for MBAM and have loved it for years. I dont know what the trouble is but lately its nothing but trouble. I recently upgraded to W10 64 bit and of course MBAM recently updated to version 3...so I cant really say exactly what the problem is, whether its related to Windows or Malwarebytes. Often I come to my PC and find Malwarebytes has the little red triangle indicating something is amiss. Often I find that exploit protection has been turned off. This morning I restarted the PC and when it booted there was the little red triangle. I right clicked on the icon and saw that exploit protection was turned off, so I clicked on it to turn it on. It didnt turn on, it just greyed out. I right clicked to open Malwarebytes, it wouldnt open. I right clicked to check for updates, it didnt. I go to the desktop icon and it launches from there (well sort of. Some times it does some times it doesnt) and I go to exploit protection and turn the radio button on and it indicated its starting. I stays in that mode, just indicates its starting without actually starting. Ive tried uninstalling to attempt a clean reinstall but it hangs and wont uninstall. Ive tried to zip the contents of the Logs file but it hangs and indicates that it cant because it is "being used by another program". I was concerned that I might have some malicious code so I have scanned with Panda/Housecall/Kaspersky and have found nothing. I have come to the conclusion that this version of Malwarebytes is just not ready for prime time. Sorry
  9. How to remove PUP's

    I've had to change browsers as I couldnt continue this thread in Firefox for whatever reason. Clearly something is screwy. I followed your directions and deleted the PUP's through Malwarebytes. I will now attempt to attach my logs CheckResults 10-14-16.txt FRST 10-14-16.txt Addition 10-14-16.txt
  10. How to remove PUP's

    hxxps://s10.postimg.org/6f69w5pq1/MBAM_results.png Above is a screenshot of my most recent Malwarebytes scan results. I have the pro home version. I get these PUP warnings but there is nothing within Malwarebytes that I can do with/to the results. Right click/left click does nothing. There is no way to deal with these results within Malwarebytes. Every time it scans I get the same results, but nothing I can do with them. Whats up with that?
  11. Disregard. As it turns out my virus scanner found it and got rid of it.
  12. I have an annoying popup that I cant get rid of. I think it came as an add-on to a free program and now I cant get rid of it and Malewarebytes doesnt see it as a threat. I have a paid professional Malewarebytes program up to date and scan results find nothing to remove. Add/remove program doesnt show it. Its not installed, its just a popup asking me to purchase it.