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  1. Thank you. If you think it's alright, I'm going to save my files and then update the operating system. Nice working with you. I've been taught a lot by you. What can I do to prevent getting infected next time?
  2. Didn't work. Do we have to do anything else? Will my documents be infected?
  3. I don't think its worth continuing unless you think that some documents or iTunes might be infected. I was thinking I was just going to save them and then upload it to the new operating system
  4. I tryed Windows Repair but when I rebooted, Safe Mode still wouldn't work!
  5. I forgot I already did SafeBootKeyRepair. Should I do Windows Repair instead. That's what we were working on before I screwed up the registry.
  6. I meant SafeBootKeyRepair. When I try to boot into Safe Mode, I get that same old error message.
  7. Great news! ERDNT reloaded the registry and I was able to get into Windows! Should I try SafeBootKey now?
  8. Good news! Reatogo seems to be working! I'm almost logged in. What should I do next?
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