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  1. Well, I hear that windows defender is no longer terrible. But not terrible is not good enough, so I will keep the windows security junk disabled and run just the Avast and mbam. Avast was suggested to me as a companion avp with mbam back in 2009. I have had both since, and I have not had one virus since. The Avast premiere has lots of cool features, like a safe zone, sand box and remote access in addition to great protection.
  2. Dale, Uninstall/reinstall worked! It is now enabled for updates, scans and real-time protection! Now, I have a question about my av fortress. I had an IT friend get into my computer to help me solve issues with crashing. It turned out to be an issue with power settings, which is a chronic problem with this particular computer (toshiba qosmio). I think that I had all windows av stuff including firewall OFF, but all of that is now on. He could have enabled it without telling me. In the past, the windows security software/rograms interfered with mbam and avast, so I had it all disabled. So, sho
  3. Dale, I added mbam to my windows firewall, and went back in to try to update the settings. All of the settings had reverted back to disabled. I know that I have changed them several times, and the changes are not sticking. Here is the error message I get when I try to do a scan or even navigate through the mbam dashboard, I get this: Now this seems suspicious to me. Does this mean that the problem is with windows? I don't recall seeing a windows error message when I had non windows software failures or crashes in the past. So is this a firewall issue, or something else. I will keep tryi
  4. Dale, thanks for the reply and suggestions. I will try these, then post again.
  5. Hi, I have been a malware user with a license since 2009. I recently noticed that my mbam stopped scanning, so I went in and updated all of my settings. However, it is still not running or updating. Any suggestions? Should I uninstall and reinstall it? My other AV program is Avast. I ran a boot time scan that came out clean.
  6. Just spoke with cleverbridge, and my last purchase was in 2012, so those two licenses are official, and lifetime! She also helped me figure out which was on each computer, so I am good to go! Thanks so much again, Dave!
  7. Thanks! I will call cleverbridge, and check out the links you posted. Thanks so much for the advice! :-)
  8. Dale, Thanks! I will certainly follow most of this advice. Unfortunately, I cannot use the windows key search in the registry for my original key because my original key was on a computer that I no longer have. However, I might have bought a new computer within that first year. I can't remember. I think I should contact cleverbridge right away and ask them to trace my account because that will probably help me discover which key is best. I have mbam on two computers atm, and I think I bought two licenses when I bought my work computer in 2012. But I now have a problem. The license that I cur
  9. Thanks a bunch, Dale! The new ssd should be here on Monday, I will get it installed, and then follow your instructions to get my fortress (MBAM and Avast Premier) installed on the os drive. And, Sorry MBAM, but I won't pay another membership fee! I have re purchased a license every year, like a dolt! LOL! Now, my license in the program itself has a start date of May 2014. I might have paid for another license on that date. What would that mean? Since I still have older keys, should I use those instead of that May 2014 key when I reinstall?
  10. Well, I think I have paid for my lifetime protection a few times over. LOL! Here is my first correspondence with support right before I got the paid version back in 2009. He did say that I only needed to pay for it once, but I overlooked it. Hopefully that extra money I paid in helped MBAM develop an even better product! LOL! Anyway, I have had a paid subscription since 2009 and I have been a member here since then. I guess things must have changed since I was here last. [Malwarebytes Support] Re: Need help ASAP (ticket #4732) Tom MercadoTo Me Mar 6, 2009 ## To respond via e-mail, type your r
  11. I just checked the date on the email that those keys were sent in, and it is dated 2012. Has there been a change since then?? It says that I am a new member here, but I logged in as I have since I joined several years ago.
  12. I have been using the paid version of MBAM for years on my pcs. LOL! This is my confirmation email. I blacked out my actual license keys. I assure you that my MBAM has been activated on both computers. Your products Qty. Product name Delivery 2 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware PRO Home Licenses, 1 License Per PC Download Your Malwarebytes license key(s) is below. ID: *****-***** Key: ****-****-****-**** ID: ****-***** Key: ****-****-****-**** Please ensure you keep this license information in a safe place for future reference
  13. Hi, I have been a very happy mbam customer for several years. I currently have the paid version on my computer and will keep it no matter what, but I have a problem. This computer has a very small ssd on which the os is located, and it has a much larger hdd. Well, I am running out of room on the ssd. I plan to get a larger ssd installed, but in the meantime, I am trying to move everything I can over to the hdd. I had already moved all of my libraries, and as many files as possible over, but now I am trying to move apps and programs over that aren't part of the os and don't have to run from Cdr
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