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  1. This would be a nice feature. Most of my customers are older folks. With something like Avast, I tell them that if their system seems slightly slower, look to its icon to see if its animated or not. I make the animation a good feature in their eyes and that action tells them the software is doing something for them.
  2. Then may I request it be added to the Consumer build? MBAM is my #1 selling software and I'd like to be able to streamline its installation. Even if it's in a command line format to save the settings into its own folder and I can then take that file onto my flashdrive or NAS for installs.
  3. I'm not sure if this counts as swag or not but I'd love to get window clings for my shop and car saying that I'm a registered reseller. I got them from SAS but I'm no longer reselling that product after thier take-over.
  4. The right-click option is great for us folks who know how to think that way. For the average end-user, a button would be helpful.
  5. I'm a reseller and would love to be able to import my defaults into a fresh install of MBAM, including schedules and other settings. Ideally, as a Reg file than I can quickly merge into the user's system.
  6. Any chance the MBAM-Rules will be kept up to date? Today's version # is 2307 and the downloaded file installed 2202 on top of the newer one. Ideally, when I do a service call, I'd like to be able to scan offline with the most recent version. Would I be better off keeping my flash drive synced to the most recent rules.ref off my own computer?
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