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  1. Hi daledoc1, How would you explain the situation in where my 1.62 works without any drama at present (Yes, I gave up upgrading, I did a downgrading from 1.65) yet 1.65 has been causing problems lots of people compalining about not just at this forum. So if this happening just after upgrading from 1.62 to 1.65, then I'm afraid the real problem is the bugginess of the 1.65 full stop There's no point defending any other excuse. Providing a log file with whatever tool and sending away is against my privacy policies at this stage. One way or another malwarebytes will rectify the problem with an updated less buggy version very soon I suspect, until then I'll settle for 1.62 and follow any directions from the company on what I could do, minus providing any log file kind regards
  2. So it look like it may not be fixable from our end and it needs to be fixed from the programmers end And the ultimate question is: when can we have the bugfixed version please?
  3. Windows XP SP3 After updating to 1.65 from the last version i could no longer start filesystem blocking or website blocking. The MBAM tray icon shows up grey and I cannot tick the enable filesystem filesystem blocking or website blocking it doesn't accept the ticks there and the following suggestion for an earlier issue did not help me in any way. mine doesn't have any entry there under layers it is funny that when I uninstall 1.65 and reinstall 1.62 everything is OK there must be some bugs in the 1.65 since I am not the only one after googling about the issue, there were few complaints exist (not within this forum) any suggestions please? all the best
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