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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. I already swapped out the video card in case it was the problem. It wasn't. However, since removing MBAM, the computer has run fantastically with no problems. I'll look into using a previous version or one of the beta builds later on today as I'd rather not go without the protection I've been relying on for years.
  2. That's really unnecessary. I am an IT professional with a computer science degree. I know what I'm doing. The computer is built to be able to handle 3 users logged in, and it does it well. After uninstalling Malwarebytes, things are good as new. Let me know when you get your product fixed and I may give it another try. It was working fine until it broke for everyone (not just me).
  3. Here is the file that the tool created. I should mention that I uninstalled MBAM earlier tonight, to see if it made any difference on the video problem. Hopefully you still get something useful here. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Yeah, that's not going to happen - my wife and kids like to leave things open. My wife gets upset every time I have to close her stuff to reboot as it is. I'll get the logs sent.
  5. Nope. Computer stays on 24/7. Also there are usually 3 profiles logged in 24/7 (one for me, one for my wife, and one for my kids), that we switch between as needed. Lately when we switch between them the screen often goes black and stays that way, requiring a reboot. I initially thought it was a problem with the GPU, but swapping a Radeon card out for an nVidia card didn't fix the problem. I'm now wondering if it's Malwarebytes doing it.
  6. Does anyone have this figured out yet? I'm here with the same problem. Dreadfully slow in the morning, sometimes reboot helps, sometimes not. I'm using Chrome and Thunderbird (which is sometimes not affected but this morning it definitely is).
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