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  1. I agree those words were not stated, however the big red BUY AND SAVE 25% is surely misleading. Why would anyone go to the second page when the first page shows blatantly misleading or false info? Also, the link that Porthos provided at https://store.malwarebytes.com/342/purl-mb3-aff-2yr-w2? leads to a two-year price of $59.99 not $74.88. Yes, the Marketing and Product teams need to ensure consistency in what they present to the public. My question is still unanswered.
  2. OK. $59.99 is about a 25% discount. When will MBAM correct the misleading claim or correct the price at https://www.malwarebytes.com/lp/sem/en/ ? DW
  3. I was about to buy MBAM 3 Premium to protect one device for two years here when I saw the claim that $69.98 is a savings of 25% from the full price of $79.99. Now that is just misleading advertising or really bad arithmetic. I'll stick with a different manufacturer's product. Thank you, DW
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