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  1. oops, I hit ENTER early and meant to post a little more info. I also notice that sometimes, when browsing forums I see certain keywords appearing in blue type like a link. Of course, clicking these words links you to a site that is usually some sort of annoying shopping site. I am quite sure that these words are not actually on the web page as links. Luckily, my browser does not appear to be affected by redirects (like the last time I was infected by something). I'm running Windows XP Professional, version 5.1 on a Dell D620 laptop. I run Microsoft Security Essentials with occasion MalwareBytes scans. I should still have a few programs from the last time I did a clean. I'd love to have some help figuring out if this is some sort of virus and what I can do about it. My computer's old and tired, and probably should be replaced soon, but hey... Let's see what life I can squeeze out of this thing.
  2. My computer seems to be running a little slower than usual lately (it's an old PC, it was never really "fast"). I have noticed occasionally hearing ads in the background. I can't figure out where they're coming from though. They're also kinda quiet and so I'm not sure what the ads are for. I think it's connected to facebook (yes, I've gone into fb settings and disallowed ad access as much as I can). I also noticed once on facebook that there appeared to be some kind of frame in the top left corner that I could only reveal a few parts of at a time when I hovered my mouse over that area of the page. Also, usually when I am hearing these ads, if I have another page loading, I've noticed that I get a warning that Shockwave is having troubles and then finally a notice that Shockwave has crashed. I generally use Chrome as a browser.
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