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  1. Check again. The link to SP2 download is actually a link to a DOC about SP2 and the Business Server update. There is no download for SP2 on that page as far as I can tell.
  2. Thanks for the replies; however, I will NOT be installing SP3. I've read nothing but terrible reviews about it. I'll install SP1a & SP2 and that should be just fine.
  3. It's a long story, but my mom really likes her Windows XP machine. After some issues with the HDD I'm reinstalling XP for her. It seems that "Windows Update" no longer works on the XP OS, so I'm having to go out and find SP1 and SP2 manually. So far I've found this site and this site. I want to make sure that the downloads from both of those sites are accurate and legitimate before I install them. The one from soft32.com is particularly sketchy to me. If someone could help me out I'd really appreciate it. Or if anyone has links to trusted sites where I can d/l SP1 and SP2, I'd really appreciat
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