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  1. I did make this post under a different name but i didn't really give any info on what exactly was happening. Well one thing you should know is the mbam pro trial has been activated, not sure how that happened but last night it started blocking a lot of different ip's and i believe some were the same! i print screened one so here is an example.. Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website: Type: incoming Port: 56717, process: pmb.exe some were also svchost.exe i found a list of the ip's so here they are all with port 56717 and most were pmb.exe with a few svchost.exe I think you get the point, some of these were blocked 6-7 times each, i have never used mbam pro so i am unsure if this is normal or not I have the dds log thing if you need it..
  2. Ok im new to Windows pc's and i have just got my first gaming pc and considering how much it all cost i would like it to be as protected as possible, i have been asking questions on other forums and i have come up with a few different programs i am thinking of using. For my anti virus software i will be using Avast internet security (With a firewall), My question with this is will the firewall conflict with the one that comes with windows 7? knowone has really answered this question and its the most important imo. I also plan on using Malwarebytes, but i have a question about this. Should i also download an anti-spyware program as well as this? or is Malwarebytes good with spyware as well, i had super anti spyware in mind for that. All i will ever do on this pc is gaming and youtube, i have a laptop i do all the rest so there is no need to worry that i might visit any malicious sites So these are my questions and would very much appreciate on advice on whether it will be decent protection! If you have any other programs that i need to use then please dont hesitate to say! Thanks Guys.
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