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  1. OK, so I actually restored to a point at my last MS update on 8/24. Then I re-ran ComboFix. It seems to have removed the virus issues so far and my internet is restored! Thanks!
  2. Got to a new error, Wireless Network Connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration.
  3. Did that before I responded It keeps saying it can't automatically detect the proxy.
  4. OK, so the app never seems to exit. It says it is preparing log report, don't run anything, but it just sits. Any thoughts?
  5. Kicking it off, I'll let you know. Thank goodness we have multiple laptops! It did do some clean up the first time around.
  6. Bah, now I can't get on line. My pc can't detect my network settings. **SIGH**
  7. Please assist, it appears that there is a spyware called edgesuite popup manager that I cannot find to un-install. an someone please advise what steps I need to take to get rid of this??? Thanks so much! DDS.txt Attach.txt
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