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  1. Hi, the pc was without a proper antivirus for a while and got infected, I was able to update AVG and install Malwarebytes to remove most of the infections. The first time I was able to remove most infected objects/threats; however, I have tried 3 times to run the scan again to eliminate any remaining items and the pc shuts down without prompting the results. I assume there are still threats on the pc and need help removing them to have the computer as clean as possible. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. wow! thanks a lot for all the info, I would have to take my time and choose what to do. I do have another question, I have another pc with possibly some issues, should I start a new topic with that pc or should I continue it here? the other pc was without an antivirus for a while and I'm running some scans and updates right now. thanks in advance.
  3. also can you recommend any good antivirus, free and paying, to hopefully prevent future infections? thanks for everything!
  4. ok I deleted everything and emptied the recycle bin. any last scans I should perform?
  5. didn't have the fixlist but had a fixlog and deleted it. also, deleted frst (had two documents of that one). posted is the new fixlog, should I delete that one too? still have the next steps to complete. Fixlog.txt
  6. Oh I was referring to the other items listed on the last log I sent, such as missing something for norton
  7. i ran it and had to update internet explorer, adobe and java. not sure how to correct the other things that are popping up. attached is the last log. thanks! checkup2.txt
  8. here is the results, looks like I have some updating to do... checkup.txt
  9. thanks. I had to open the window full size in order to see it. followed ur instructions and 0 malicious found! here is the log, it should be all virus free now, right? mbam-log-2013-12-09 (16-44-05).txt
  10. Im having a problem. I can go up to scanner settings but I cant find the other things after that. nothing that says pup or the step after that. please advise. ps: I updated the malwarebytes before I ran the scanner the last time.
  11. hi! I followed your instructions and it came cleaned! :-) In fact, I restarted the pc and ran it again just to be sure and both times it found 0 items. Attached is the latest log, is there anything else I should do? thanks in advance for everything! mbam-log-2013-12-06 (22-05-58).txt
  12. ok I see now how to check and uncheck. but can you please help me figure out if there is any items I should keep / definitely remove. thanks!
  13. heres the log I got from adwcleaner. not sure if I should save or remove everything. also, nothing shows to be check or unchecked... so im not sure how to do that. thanks AdwCleanerR0.txt
  14. I have barely used the pc because I don't feel very comfortable until I know its all cleaned up.
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