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  1. ok then, please guide me to remove all the programs that I installed in the process. Also please tell me will it remove those hidden files from the system?
  2. It takes up bandwith without approval and will go on consuming it until stopped from task manager I have never seen it stop itself even after . Windows updates are off and there is no other software that has permission to utilize the internet.
  3. Vide performance is fixed, although that rogue svc host still appears. If it might help I had been infected wth win32 jeefo previosuly on this system that made fake svchost files. Although every software says that it has been removed, I think it isn't. Because jeefo is the only virus i have come accross which gives fake svchost files. Here is a quarantine log from my MBAM, please see the screenshot. Maybe these quarantined files have something to do with this problem. http://prntscr.com/feiu2 http://prntscr.com/feixl Also my dvd-rw keep ejecting randomly, I doubt it is a virus but more likely
  4. OTL logfile created on: 11-Sep-12 2:38:04 AM - Run 3 OTL by OldTimer - Version Folder = C:\Users\Ahmed\Desktop 64bit- Home Premium Edition (Version = 6.1.7600) - Type = NTWorkstation Internet Explorer (Version = 9.0.8112.16421) Locale: 00000409 | Country: United States | Language: ENU | Date Format: dd-MMM-yy 3.94 Gb Total Physical Memory | 1.63 Gb Available Physical Memory | 41.46% Memory free 7.87 Gb Paging File | 5.02 Gb Available in Paging File | 63.75% Paging File free Paging file location(s): ?:\pagefile.sys [binary data] %SystemDrive% = C: | %SystemRoot% = C:\windows | %Pr
  5. TY Maurice Ok now I am sorry had to go away for a business trip so wasnt available, sorry for any inconvenience. An update on the current system performance: svc host still appears even after running combo fix, this process has to be shut down manually 2-3 times from task manager so that it stops consuming all the bandwith, this solution is only temporary until I restart the laptop and the problem appears again. graphic performance of my laptop has become significantly low. my system drice c: is having a bulk of huge files which I dont know about. It has taken up most of the space in the dri
  6. NOOOOO!!!!!!! I was wrong. The svchost process consuming bandwith appeared again :@ Im beginning to hate this thing now. Now that its there, I dont see fake windows update yet. So, shall I use combofix?
  7. and my desktop looks somewhat ugly lol. can u please tell me the procedure to remove all those tools? is it direct delete or some other way?
  8. ok so far so good. after restarting my laptop thrice (without running combo fix) I have got rid of the svchost files which were consuming bandwith without consent. It seems somewhat fine now. The only issue now left is slow booting speed, I have noticed that booting time has exceeded over a minute after the procedure. Is that supposed to be that way?
  9. Man I gotta admit that this is the most toughest mess I have come across and also admit that ur a pro at this because I have no idea what the above programs do lol. Nice job on the heads up there. Unfortunately due to time restrictions I will have to do above procedures tomorrow, then only Ill let u know how it went. Good job mate and help appreciated. Be in touch with you tomorrow.
  10. plus my automatic updates are off so there is no possible way that windows automatically starts updating itself.
  11. Because when a normal windows update icon appear and u left click it, it shows the updater and the files being downloaded, however here it does not. Also when i go inside control panel > windows update the updates are not being downloaded and install update button is appearing which means the windows update in taskbar is not a legit process.
  12. Oh wait I managed to run up the online ESET, will be posting results when completed.
  13. Still when system restarts, fake windows update is coming up and svchost bandwith consuming process still keeps on popping up.
  14. <p>Malwarebytes quick scan : No malicious items detected. Same as scan before this procedure.</p> <p> </p> <div>Malwarebytes Anti-Malware</div> <div>www.malwarebytes.org</div> <div> </div> <div>Database version: v2012.08.21.13</div> <div> </div> <div>Windows 7 x64 NTFS</div> <div>Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421</div> <div>Ahmed :: HEWLETT [administrator]</div> <div> </div> <div>22-Aug-12 10:01:55 PM</div> <div>mbam-log-2012-08-22 (22
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