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  1. OK, ill try and make this short and sweet. A week ago my computer's power supply went out. I got a new power supply and now having issues. When I startup my computer regularly, it gets to my desktop and within 30 seconds or so of completely booting up (random, sometimes not even that far) I get the blue screen error and it reboots. This cycle will go on forever. I am however, able to F8 and go into system restore, etc and the computer will stay powered on there forever. In fact, I am writing this post while in Safe Mode with networking. I have run hijack this and attached is my results. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you hijackthis.log
  2. Last night I got home and tried to use my computer and apparently my son got some kind of virus on it. It was some program called Security Shield was popping up acting like it was a program.. anyway, i rebooted to safe mode and was about to do malware bytes, etc that I have installed and we had to leave for my sons baseball game. Got home and now its just a complete black screen with a cursor. I have tried rebooting normal, safe mode, etc and nothing works. Black screen with cursor even in safe mode. I then f8 and choose the option to repair my computer and gives option to fix computer, restore, etc.. i did the fix my computer option and it didnt do anything, still black screen. I then do a system restore and tried restoring it to all 4 different restore point options it gives me and everytime it will not finish the restore and gives me the error 0x800700b7 i cannot find my windows discs or anything. Anyone have any advice/tips on how to get this thing started back up??
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