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  1. It worked! All updates installed great! Thanks again. One last question... I did read the info from your link in your previous post that was mentioning that this kind of virus usually means a complete re-format and re-install. Since you saw the logs first hand, would you personally recommend this? I don't believe there are any sensitive documents on it. I can tell you that this machine is used for logging onto websites to access personal info (bank, credit card, facebook, etc.) Would just suggesting to change all online passwords suffice? I did read all of the information from the link bu
  2. Thanks for posting back with that piece of information and thanks for all your help so far. That actually provided some insight into the next problem I am facing. Windows was very outdated and now I am having some difficulties with Windows update. First, I ran windows update and I believe there were 3 updates, one of which was SP1. I set them to install and the cpu restarted and SP1 seemed to install fine. I ran Windows update again and now I can't get any updates to download/install. I thought it may have been a botched SP1 install so I rolled back to a restore point before SP1 and tried
  3. I actually have AVG2012 on the system currently. It had no anti-virus when I got it, I believe I installed it after the 3rd MBAM scan. Is there anything I need to clean up related to AVG? BTW. MBAM came back clean!
  4. Hello All, I'm trying to clean out a friends laptop. After running MBAM four times, I'm still not able to successfully rid the topics mentioned in the post title. Searching these threads, I found someone who had a similar situation. I followed that post up to the point where the instructions were specific to the users machine. It involved running FRST64 from a command prompt. So anyways, attached are lots of logs that should do the heavy explaining! Let me know if I need to post more info... Attach.txt DDS.txt FRST.txt mbam-log-2012-08-08 (18-02-32).txt mbam-log-2012-08-08 (19-05-36).txt
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