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  1. Hi MysteryFCM, I appreciate your concern. Its a monetizing platform, so they offer products during installation. But they have clearly mentioned every detail in their privacy policy. Please refer the Link http://airinstaller.com/privacy/. In the same link they have mentioned every minute details about their working. They have also mentioned OPT out policy as well as Third party policy over there. Above all during every installation, they offer opt-in and opt out option to the user. Without user consent , products are not forcefully installed. They do not offer misleading/rubbish products. The detection is incorrect as it says its a potentially malicious site, which is not the case. I request you to please re-consider this case. Thanks Sameer
  2. Hi MysteryFCM, Thanks for your response.. Can you please tell, why it is not a FP. This i.p. is not detected on any online engine. Thanks Sameer
  3. Hi, When we install the set up file downloaded from http://trk.airinstaller.com/get/click/08d96588/, then Malwarebytes ANTI-MALWARE blocks the installation. It says : " Successfully Blocked Access to a potentially malicious website I have checked the status of on many online database and it appears clean on them Can you please reanalyze this detection. Thanks Sameer
  4. Hi Steven, Thanks for the update. We Hi Alexander, Thanks for the update. I went through the content available on internet for the Adware classification and based on the information gathered i created a explanation for the possible reason why Malware byte should not detect them as Adware. I have marked my response inline in Red "The installers offered by my clients are often used to bundle all kind of application installers with questionable 'offers', sometimes without discretion from authors of original application." Our client always take approval from the author of the original application. More-soever they also take approval from the users who are downloading and installing the application. All this information is clearly stated in their Privacy policy document. 'Offers' presented are usually some kind of browser plugins and toolbar, and often they are themselves can be considered Adware. There are cases where during setup process downloading of main application permanently fails, but the 'offers' modules are downloaded and installed successfully. Our Client has got good reputation in the market and they are one of the trusted brands in the market. Every product is released after a extensive testing and QA rounds. They make sure that the offering is not a pain to end user instead is a add on which makes their work easier. If user is aware of and accepts any potential risks, they may elect to use installer at their own discretion. Yes, But a detection from Malware one of a biggest player in the market is a cause of suspicion for the end user. This is resulting in a big business loss to our client. Please do let me know if you require any further information. Also, Please suggest if we need to change any module in order to get a clean certificate from your side. Thanks Sameer
  5. Hi, When we open www.installmonetizer.com then malware bytes blocks this site. The site has been checked on other antivirus and no threat has been detected by them. Please re-examine the detection. I reported this issue 2 days back and seems as if my post got deleted in the recent downtime. Thanks Sameer
  6. Hi, While installing the file attached in the post we are getting a trojan alert by malware bytes. The file has been checked on other antivirus and no threat has been detected by them. Please re-examine the detection. Also, the file is available in a zipped container. I have also attached the log file for reference. Thanks Sameer PowerPackWrapper-99- protection-log-2012-08-06.zip
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